50 Smoothie Juice Bar Ideas that Work

Romellaine Arsenio

July 12, 2021


Smoothie Bar Ideas

The best thing about owning a smoothie juice bar is showcasing the fun side of you and creating a chill place that can lift everyone’s mood. Finding the order too tall? Here’s a cheat sheet with 50 Smoothie Juice Bar Ideas.

Fun Juice Bar Ideas

A Cup of Smoothie + Inspiration

Remember those moments when you are working on a project, and you suddenly run out of ideas? It’s always an excellent choice to go out and find refreshments. Therefore, a smoothie bar that offers low-sugar drinks, and has an inspiring atmosphere is the perfect place to go. Create a homey atmosphere with beautiful things: flowers, baskets, bikes, old books, framed quotes, handsome wood furnishings, treasure chest boxes, the list goes on. 

Looking for inspiration? Check out Japanese coffee shops on IG.

Barking Bar

Pets bring joy! If our bills could pay for themselves, we would all go home to snuggle with our favorite Husky. Alternatively, 9-to-5 office workers can still take a break and recharge with a couple of drinks and some love from corgis and poodles.

Minimalist Smoothie Juice Bar Ideas

Partly thanks to Marie Kondo, Americans are getting rid of clutter to focus on joy and what truly matters. This is the essence of minimalism, creating ample space, and filling the rest of the room with beautiful and meaningful things.

A minimalist design exudes tranquility and wellness. Moreover, it is also a perfect match to the vibrant health smoothies that are a beautiful pop of color in the vast white space.

Juice by the Ocean

Love the sea? Never miss it again! With the right partner supplier, it’s super easy to set up a juice bar vape by the beach, so you can work and chill at the same time. 

Gym and Juice

The gym is a go-to for many millennials who appreciate the benefits of having excellent health and a well-toned physique. However, juice lab hours at the gym are a lot of sacrifices. Afterward, it feels good to reward oneself.

The Gym and Juice Bar setup do two things. It gives gym owners a great way to make extra profit. And it gives gym-goers a way to treat themselves without succumbing to fast food. Not to mention, smoothie boosts are available to replenish one’s protein and carbohydrates to restore his or her energy and help muscles recover. 

Huddle for Vegans

Vegans share a special bond having sacrificed a lot for their beliefs, and leading a different lifestyle from the rest of the world.

All around the country, they have vegan huddles, intimate meetings among like-minded people. It’s a nourishing experience for everyone, given that most vegans live extraordinary lives and are often committed to inspiring activities.

Undoubtedly, Vegan smoothies near me are a second home for vegans who seek to make friends and join the huddle.

The Vacation Bar

Smoothies taste great and are best appreciated when looking at beautiful scenery and having a laid-back conversation. A cup of Pina Colada under the palm trees or a wild berry smoothie in a flower farm sounds like an afternoon well spent. Turn your smoothie into a cocktail to invite euphoria and reduce anxiousness. 

Health Smoothie Juice Bar Ideas

The Healthy Pantry

American office workers are big on healthy options. Switching from cold pressed juices and soda to fruit smoothies cuts a lot of sugar.

Healthy Kitchen

We all aspire to maintain a wholesome diet. The ideal picture is going to the grocery store twice a week, planning the week’s meals on Sundays, and cooking dinner at home. However, we all have those busy days at work, where everything else is impossible to fit in.

A restaurant that serves a balance of carbs, gluten-free granola, proteins, and plant nutrition makes a healthy lifestyle more achievable. Pair it with fresh fruit smoothies that come in Mango, Pomegranate, Strawberry, Wildberry, Banana, and Pina Colada.

Where The Kid’s Play

Start them young. Good habits are formed at the dining table. Don’t introduce your children to chips or soda. Raise them in a way that snack means a plateful or acai bowls of green apple and oranges, and a treat means a cup of strawberry banana smoothie. 

Furthermore, if you want to spread ideas through a business, a smoothie shop or a juice bar watertown sd by the kids’ play or amusement park can work well.

The Health Juice Bar

Some people like being fit. Others are 100% committed to it. They count macros like a pro, get all agua fresh ingredients, know all the names of sugar, and never fail to check the label.

Therefore, they will be loyal patrons of honest-to-goodness smoothie shops, and will even pay for boosts and almond milk butter.

Junior Cups

Schools play a great role in a child’s development. While it’s essential to provide them with the best learning materials available and encourage them to play, it’s also important to make healthy food accessible to children and parents.

With an excellent partner-supplier, a school agha juice bar is easy to set up. Moreover, you can serve smaller cups at lower prices.

Business Smoothie Juice Bar Ideas

Co-working Space with Smoothie Refills

Mostly filled with aspiring entrepreneurs (anake’s juice bar) who dream big and work hard 24/7, co-working spaces never run out of coffee. A smoothie juice bar adds more flavor to the selection and makes working more fun!

Real Estate Showcase and Smoothie Bar

Many of our nectar juice bar ideas mix refreshment bars with businesses that involve talking to a lot of people. This is because people come in when there’s food. 

Thus, if you are a real estate broker who seeks to expand his or her network, a smoothie bar would be the perfect place to meet people in their late 30’s and early 40’s. So own one and make it the best place ever.

healthy juice bar designs

Art Gallery + Smoothie

Fine Arts makes us slow down to appreciate life, culture, and the pleasure of doing nothing. Introducing a smoothie juice it up menu by the art gallery invites great people to come in for some food and culture.

Convenience Store + Smoothie

A convenience store is a good business if you have a target market of at least 8,000 people. People love it when things are easy. They also like to look around, and will gladly give in to a colorful glass of smoothie with a karachi burger.

Mobile Juice Bar

If you’re in a vibrant city where people visit a variety of parks and picnic destinations, you have various opportunities to catch foot traffic with a mobile juice bar.

Mother of all Juice Bars

Are smoothies becoming a trend in your city? Get ahead of the pack. Invest a little more and partner with a trusted nationwide supplier. You can stock juice bar supplies in your area and help aspiring entrepreneurs set up their shops beyond juicery and be their local supplier, delivering all they need in real-time.

Photo Gallery + Smoothie

If you are a professional photographer, having a healthy and convenient food and clean juice bar will earn you more friends who can appreciate your art. 

Christmas Bazaar Juice Bar

Money is good over the holidays. People spend a lot of time outside with their families and friends. Take advantage of the festive season by setting up a Christmas Bazaar Juice Bar.

Wedding Gallery and Juice Bar

If you’re a wedding planner with lots of gorgeous gowns, memorabilia, giveaways, and trinkets to showcase, consider opening a beyond juice bar to invite young professionals in. While they slow down and enjoy their drink, they’ll be happy to take a look around.

Cafe and Smoothie Shop

If you’re a small-town coffee shop unlike Joe and The Juice Lexington Ave that has gained a steady audience from brewing. Keep your customers coming back more often and invite more foot traffic by introducing new offerings and delicious delicacies.

Nature Juice Bar Ideas

Plant Gallery and Smoothie Shop

All this time staying at home has rekindled our love for homemaking and gardening. A smoothie shop that displays a myriad of plants, such as Joe and The Juice refreshes visitors inside and out. Therefore, customers will come back regularly to buy more plants and drink more smoothies with chocolate covered almonds and frozen yogurt.

Garden Restaurant with Smoothie Juice Bar

Like an oasis in the desert, one of the more alluring places to go in the city is a garden restaurant that gives an entirely different vibe from its surroundings. The moment you step into the place, time slows down and you feel more relaxed. Cooling down with a glass of smoothie completes the experience.

Vertical Garden Juice Bar

Now, here’s one of our beautiful and more affordable aloha juice bar ideas with her movita juice bar reviews. If you don’t have enough space for a garden restaurant, watch a few videos on vertical gardening and set up a vertical garden juice bar near me.

Outdoor Juice Bar

If you live in a temperate place, take advantage of the clear skies with an outdoor smoothie bar.

Inland Resort Juice Bar

Juice bars complete the relaxing poolside experience.

Into the Woods Smoothie Cafe

If you’re crazy enough, set up a smoothie cafe in the middle of the woodland. Clear the road and set up signs leading to it.

The Pallet House

Pallets upcycled into furniture are receiving much love nowadays for their fresh and chic vibe. They are also very affordable. 

Rooftop Smoothie Juice Bar

Find a vacant rooftop, make it safe, set up some lights, throw in some neon-colored beanies, and invite people to have a drink under the stars.

Can’t get enough pineapple juice bar ideas? Here are some bonus hacks that work like magic every time. 

Bonus Ideas

Hacks for Everyone

People can buy a drink anywhere. They can buy a dozen on a weekend, and have a stock handy in the fridge. So, why do they insist on walking a few meters to the smoothie shop

A juice bar provides a lot more than drinks. It gives visitors a refreshing environment from the workplace. It clears one’s mind and inspires him or her to write and complete projects. It’s a nice place to meet friends and strangers.

Make things a little extra special with these little hacks.

Personalized Cup

The most beautiful word in the universe for a person is his or her name. Calling someone by his or her first name creates a sense of connection. It makes things personal and breaks away from the monotony of life.

Alternatively, you can scribble a quote on a main squeeze cup. Make it unique for everyone like a fortune cookie.


Pay extra attention to music. To make a place pleasing, you must appeal to the five senses. Music is energy that intensifies the mood of the place or brings a sprinkle of fun into it. 

Take inspiration from Starbucks playlists or find your mix in the Spotify premium playlist. Find 30 to 50 songs that suit the vibe of your place.

Aim for the volume that stimulates conversation.

Get to Know Your Patrons

Once in a while, you spot strangers who keep coming back to your smoothie shop.

It won’t hurt to pay extra attention to them on your less busy days, especially if they usually come alone.

A simple hi. A free oatmeal cookie beats many other juice bar ideas. 

A Cup for a Cause

Starbucks is big on this. They walk the talk on giving coffee farmers sustainable livelihood so they won’t plant cannabis.

You walk into their store, seeing manifestations of their cause in the pictures on the walls and on the stories printed on the bag of beans. It gives you something to feel good about in the morning.

Share Your Story

You may not have Starbucks’ world-changing advocacy. But there must be something that you can share. Thirty-four-year-old New Yorker Luke established himself in the finance industry. At one point in his life, however, he found himself in a monotonous cycle. He did his job well, went home, and got ready for the next day. Tried breaking the monotony by learning to make pizza on weekends. Found himself happier whenever he makes pizza or grabs a karachi burger veggie. With enough savings to take a risk, Luke left a high-ticket job to be a pizza chef. After five years of working for someone, he finally opened his pizza place. 

What’s your story?

Business Hacks

Here are a few business hacks followed by multinational corporations and shared with their franchisees. It never hurts to borrow a little wisdom. 

For Stressed People, a Refreshment Bar is Heaven.

After working as a coffee shop manager for 10 years in a key city, Garfield decided to go home to his parents in the countryside and open a coffee shop.

His first challenge was finding out that coffee was sold for a much cheaper price in the area. Despite being located on the ground floor of an office building, Andrew found out that only 10 percent of the tenants are visiting his shop. Meanwhile, in the big city, almost everyone had a caffeine fix.

This is where he concluded that for hardworking people, a coffee shop is a heaven where they can slow down and enjoy a homey atmosphere with amazing food for a few minutes.

Meanwhile, Happy People Also Buy More Food

While food is a source of comfort, it is also a symbol of celebration. 

The best location is on Corner Road, Right Side Going Home.

If you want proof, check where the McDonalds are.

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