Gyms and Workout Facilities have been trusting DrinkFit for their Juice Bar needs for over 5 years!

Who better to vouch for our products than workout facilities themselves?

Our Smoothie Bar Products taste great and are good for you!  That’s why so many gyms from around the US keep ordering our products.  They have all the essentials and the members at the gym absolutely love them!  Gold’s Gym, Planet Fitness, Choice Fitness, and many more have been our clients for years.

Gyms and other clients keep coming back to us because our products are unique.  We aren’t the “green freak” type of company, but we still do emphasize living a healthy lifestyle.  Food that tastes good and are good for you are becoming harder and harder to find in our sugar-inhabited world!  We fill the gap between green/gross smoothies and tasty but unhealthy.

Drinkfit Gym Installs Examples