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Easy 3-step process to set-up your own DrinkFit juice bar in the gym or at home!

Step 1: call us on 1.800.381.0841 and tell us where you’d like to set-up (i.e. gym, office, school, home)

Step 2: We will recommend best location/counter space, create the menu/signs, help you with the ice-box, and blender….it’s that simple!

Step 3: A qualified DrinkFit employee will visit you on the day of the installation (if you choose full-install which includes signs, menus etc) and set it all up for you! Or you can choose to have the materials shipped directly for personal use at home.


Most of our gym partners have opted for a full-install as it provides for consistency, efficiency and continuity of quality product and re-orders. You can choose to buy the smoothie mixes, or just the proteins etc and we’ll be happy to tailor the order. We also provide custom cups (your gym name on smoothie cups) at no extra charge on minimum order quantities!

Drinkfit Install at Golds Gym
Drinkfit Gym Installs Examples

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