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Protein Smoothies WholesaleHere’s a quick review of the benefits of appropriate replenishment after any workout or recreational activity and we’ll tell you What’s DrinkFit!

  • Training, workouts, sports etc put strain on the muscles usually causing small tears
  • This is naturally expected and ultimately triggers muscle growth as the body heals/repairs itself
  • Muscle repair is aided by protein, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients
  • Best time to aid this repair is promptly after your workout/activity by consuming your favorite DrinkFit protein smoothie (after all you put in the effort so it should at least taste good…)

DrinkFit is a supplier of premium smoothie and juice bar essentials to your local gym. We recommend blending our exclusively packaged Whey Protein with one of our Fruit First smoothie mixes for that perfect combination of function and taste!

  • Read more on Why DrinkFit and shop for your favorite flavors

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