Why Choose DrinkFit? A Comparative Analysis with Other Brands


  • Choose wisely! Find out which option will benefit you more—partnering with established smoothie brands or innovative new players.

  • Your supplier should align with your goals to increase profitability and boost customer satisfaction.

  • Running a successful smoothie bar can be challenging, especially with the established competitors. It’s crucial to thoroughly understand the value your suppliers offer to determine whether they can contribute to setting you apart in the competitive landscape.

Old and New Players in the Smoothie Industry

In this portion, we listed the key players in the smoothie market alongside DrinkFit, identified as brand X, brand Y, and brand Z, for legal considerations.


Franchise Year Founded Locations Global Presence
DrinkFit 2014 500+ USA only
Brand X 2003 3000+ USA only
Brand Y 2006 500+ USA only
Brand Z 1996 350+ USA only
  • Despite being relatively new to the industry, DrinkFit has remarkably expanded to 500+ locations within the USA, and the number continues to rise, indicating a rapid establishment and growth in a short span.

Ingredients and Supplies

Franchise Ingredients Smoothie supplies Packaging
DrinkFit Fruit concentrate Cup, Lids, Straws Recyclable materials
Brand X All natural Cup, Lids, Straws Recyclable materials
Brand Y Fruit concentrate Cup, Lids, Straws Recyclable materials
Brand Z Fresh Fruit or Flavorings Cup, Lids, Straws Recyclable materials
  • Brand X’ reliance on flavoring and Brand Z’s use of all-natural ingredients highlight varying smoothie-making approaches. It’s important to note that while the term ‘natural’ is often associated with health, it doesn’t inherently guarantee a healthier product.
  • DrinkFit stands apart by prioritizing using real fruit concentrate, which typically aligns with customer preferences seeking healthy, fruit-based ingredients.
  • Additionally, our smoothie supplies are made of recyclable materials, showcasing our commitment to sustainability.

Quality and Nutritional Value (16oz cup)

Franchise Protein Calories Sugar Fat
DrinkFit 20g 200 19g 0
Brand X 18g~ 312~ 43g~ 2g~
Brand Y 20g~ 265~ 254g~ 4g~
Brand Z 27g~ 340~ 50g~ 0
  • DrinkFit smoothies boast 20g of protein, and we remain to have the lowest sugar content that uses fruit concentrate or puree and a significantly lower calorie count (200) compared to our competitors. This showcases DrinkFit’s commitment to great taste and a focus on promoting healthier choices for consumers.

Evaluating the Benefits

Pricing, Profitability, and Promos

Franchise Set Your Own Pricing Cost Per Smoothie SRP Average Profit Margin Promos Servings Per Bottle
DrinkFit Yes $1.99 $5.00 63% Yes 32
Brand X YES 2.50~ $8.00~ 63% Yes 9
Brand Y YES $2.35~ $5.00~ 65% Yes 21
Brand Z YES $2.05~ $6.00~ 63% Yes 11 (for flavoring)
  • Flexible Pricing and High-Profit Margin: Apart from free marketing materials and shipping, DrinkFit allows partners to set their own pricing, offering the lowest cost per smoothie (at $1.99) and suggested retail price (SRP) at $5.00. This results in a 63% average profit margin, higher than the industry standard, ensuring higher profitability for partners.
  • Effective Promotions for Sales Growth: Customers can enjoy excellent value with our ‘Buy One Get One’ deal and punch cards. Another noteworthy promo is “$3 Smoothie Thursdays,” which lets customers buy a 16oz smoothie for a discounted price of $3, lower than the regular $4 or $5. These incentives not only boost our partners’ sales but also considerately cater to their customers’ budget needs.
  • High Servings Per Bottle: With each bottle offering 32 servings, partners benefit from reduced reordering frequency, resulting in streamlined operational efficiency. This also translates to exceptional value at a lower cost.

Managing Partnerships

This portion shows how adept these brands are at managing relationships with franchise partners, especially in affording them the flexibility to determine their own cup sizing and incentives.

Customization and Variety

Franchise Sizes offered Customizable Flavors Add-ons
DrinkFit 16oz and 24oz yes Boosts
Brand X 20oz Yes Boosts, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, fresh fruits.
Brand Y 16oz and 24oz Yes Boosts, superfood, granola.
Brand Z From 12oz to 26oz Yes Boosts
  • DrinkFit mirrors other brands by providing four cup-size options for customization. However, it offers a unique array of boosts tailored to various nutritional aspects, including Vitamins, Glutamine, Fiber, Fat Burner, Creatine, and Energy.

Partnership Incentives

Franchise Support Marketing Materials Training
DrinkFit Yes Free – Lifetime Training material is included in the installation kit.
Brand X Yes Free(limited) – Not lifetime $2000
Brand Y Yes Free – Lifetime $995
Brand Z Yes Free – Lifetime FREE or with a fee
  • DrinkFit stands out by offering partners free ongoing support from their team and lifetime access to marketing materials at no additional cost.

Bottom Line

  • With only a decade of experience in the industry, DrinkFit remains dedicated to continuous enhancement, aiming to match and even exceed established competitors by consistently providing:
    • Increased Profit – A business model that almost quadruples your profit in just months!
    • Low Cost – Competitively priced smoothie products, 39% lower due to simplified system and minimal inventory.
    • Easy Use – Blend a smoothie in under 60 seconds with our simplified process and recipes.
    • Low Sugar – just 19g of sugar for fruit smoothie, naturally sweetened with Stevia.
  • We highly encourage exploring various brands, as our goal is to present DrinkFit as a compelling option among many choices.

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