DrinkFit: Adding Nutritious
Amenity for Recreation Centers


DrinkFit partners with recreation centers to provide members with a convenient way to get their daily dose of fruits while they enjoy social time with friends and family members. It also expands our footprint while providing these benefits:

  • Nutritious amenity… let your members enjoy a healthy snack in a fun, interactive atmosphere.

  • Easy to make… no shopping and chopping, shelf-stable.

  • Healthier food option for kids…. and family. Low sugar, high protein smoothies. The perfect way to replenish after a long day of playing outside.

  • Convenient… smoothies are easy to drink, making them perfect for kids and kids at heart!

  • Flexibility… from initial ideas to long-term smoothie bar business development, everything is tailored to fit your needs and expectations.

  • Increased profitability… capitalize on this demand and have the freedom to set your profit margin.

Our Partners

DrinkFit is a company that’s built on partnerships.

Success is a team effort, and we’ll be happy to have you on the team. We need partners who share our passion for healthy living and desire to help others live healthier lives.

Smoothies in Reeves County Recreation Center

Here are our most trusted partners, the recreation centers we love and are proud to work with:


Bradley University

Peoria, Illinois

Our commitment to healthy lifestyle and providing nutritious products is what motivated Bradley University to partner with us.

DrinkFit understands how it can be hard for a student to eat well after basketball practice or pulling an all-nighter to study, making smoothies a great offering since they’re an easy way to get nutrients. We have been partners with them for over three (3) academic years now, providing a wide variety of healthy and delicious smoothies from which students can choose.

Our execution based on their need

The university opted for our full installation system, which can be found at Jerry’s Juice Bar in the Markin Family Student Recreation Center on campus, since they wanted a more nutritious option with high protein and less sugar for their students.

Our services to Bradley University include:

  • Modified menu… we took the effort to include their existing beverage offerings in our final menu board.

  • We developed a calorie-based menu… to help students make smart choices when ordering. The calorie information is displayed on each item on the menu board. This lets students looking to maintain or lose weight choose among various options.

  • All-inclusive assistance… we were able to implement our full-service assistance and provide them with everything they needed from start to finish.

Bradley University truly values the convenience of DrinkFit smoothies. They express appreciation for our products because it allows their students to customize their smoothies to make them healthier and tastier according to their nutritional preferences.

What is the result of this partnership

As intended, DrinkFit gave Bradley University a solid solution to address the health demand among students and the opportunity to create a long-term and memorable experience for its students.

DrinkFit Menu in Bradley University

The DrinkFit menu board placed at the Markin Family Student Recreation Center counter.

Bradley University Students queueing for DrinkFit smoothies

Students and staff checking out DrinkFit smoothie bar.

Bradley University Students
Wall Climbing in Bradley University
Bradley University Recreation Center Hallway

Recreation center is one of the students’ go to places after class.


Reeves County Recreation Center

Pecos, Texas

Drinkfit started June of 2020 with a mutually beneficial partnership with Reeves County Recreation Center, when they contacted us a year ahead before their target opening date.

You can find our smoothies in The Rec’s Nutrition Bar. We provided them with our Full Installation System, with the sole mission of helping their center be more special and flexible to the demands of their members.

Our healthy and tasty products help them foster a stronger foundation and branding, giving new meaning to delightful experiences.

Our execution based on their need

Our main goal is to provide the best services for our partners. What a lot of smoothie companies can’t deliver, DrinkFit can for FREE!

Our services to Reeves County Recreation Center include:

  • Custom menu… that would fit in with the center’s branding guidelines but still be unique enough to stand out on its own.

  • Assisted with overall development… we are committed to deliver exceptional services, we guided them from business planning to installation of smoothie bar

Reeves County Recreation Center

The outside structure features an expansive area, a park space, and a large sign that reads “Reeves County Recreation Center”.

Reeves County Recreation Center Smoothie for Fall
Reeves County Recreation Center Smoothies for Kids

DrinkFit smoothies featured on the Reeves County Recreation Center’s Facebook page.

Reeves County Recreation Center swimming pool
Reeves County Recreation Center weightlifting class
Reeves County Recreation Center volleyball

Members enjoy the recreation center’s activities (weightlifting, swimming, volleyball, etc.).

Our goal is to positively impact the lives of others by providing
them with healthy and delicious smoothies, and we believe that recreation centers are an essential part of that goal.

We are a partner who can help you develop your business without any hassle, contracts, quotas, or minimums.

DrinkFit in different locations

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