DrinkFit is a Supplier of Premium Smoothie and Juice Bar Essentials to Your Local Gym or Home.

For Business

Looking for a supplier for your smoothie juice bar?  We provide FREE sample pack, print material, and accessories to get you going.  Super EASY to start and operate with the best PROFIT margins.  We’ll be there for you with great SUPPORT and our in-stock direct-shipped product line.  Our smoothies TASTE amazing and are low SUGAR.  They’re made with whey protein and real FRUIT as the FIRST ingredient.

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For Consumer

Who wants 60g of SUGAR in a ‘healthy’ smoothie?  Yuck!  Ours are 19g all-in.  Other smoothie ingredients COST a ton.  You need to do the math on serving size with other premade mixes.  Our FRUIT FIRST (1st ingredient) concentrates make 32 DRINKS per bottle.  And who has TIME for chopping and shopping?  Keep our smoothie mix in your bar or on your counter and make a smoothie in 60 SECONDS.