Corporate and Personal Social Responsibility


  • We’ve recently put in the effort to make our products more environmentally friendly.  All 3 cup sizes and lids are PET.  All our fruit/chocolate bottles are PET.  And all our boost jugs are HDPE.
  • Most plastics don’t get recycled because it’s not a positive market value. Pet is symbol 1, HDPE is symbol 2, and THOSE do get recycled. They’re a bit more cost but we feel it’s worth it to responsibly care for our planet.
  • We use bulk packaging which gives 32 drinks per bottle before the packaging is ready for the recycling bin.
  • We encourage recycling!
  • Straws unfortunately can’t be recycled.  We encourage you to skip the straw and drink from the cup!  But if you want to use a straw we understand, and paper straws suck (pun intended).  So our straws are sturdy, wide-diameter, and BIODEGRADEABLE.


1. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a tasty and healthy smoothie.  In fact, many families can’t afford the basic food essentials. So we partner with the Food Bank in Newport (our Headquarters) to provide for local families.

2. We’re into fitness. My wife and I are runners and our young daughters play hockey (we moved to MN).  We wanted to encourage healthy activity at an early age and there was no organized running for young kids in our new neighborhood.  So we partnered with Healthy Kids Running series as Community Coordinators and brought that to our neighborhood.  Each Sunday for 5 weeks in the spring and fall we organize races for 100-150 kids between the ages of 2 and 12.  The little ones are so cute!  We been personally involved for the past 4 years and DrinkFit serves as a financial sponsor.