Perfect Smoothie Ingredients for At-Home Fitness and Busy Lifestyles

  • Low Sugar
  • High Protein

  • 60-Second Smoothie

  • Awesome Taste

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  • Low Cost

  • Easy Use

  • Low Sugar

  • Increased Profit

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  • Sugar is the enemy. Experience the healthy side with DrinkFit—less sugar for a healthier you!

  • Real fruit rules. And it tastes great.

  • We value your time and money—your satisfaction is our priority.

  • Proudly serving the fitness industry since 2014, DrinkFit is the trusted choice, with millions sold.

  • Our goal is simple—to earn your love. Our business is repeat business.


  • DrinkFit 16oz smoothie drink packs just 215 calories, 19g sugar, and a powerful 20g protein.

  • Build your own smoothie – lessen fruit or protein for a lighter blend.

  • Any blender will do! All you need is ice and water.

  • Forget about refrigeration; our smoothie base is shelf-stable. Pump or pour directly from the bottle.

  • 5-step, 60-second preparation that’s dummy-proof and mess-free.

  • No shopping, chopping, spoilage, or waste.

  • Use your own protein … or try ours, which doubles as a smoothie base.

  • Add in your own supplements … or try one of our healthy boosts.

  • Our cost-per-drink beats the competition, delivering 32 drinks per bottle.

  • Serving sizes and portions are simplified, making your business hassle-free.


  • I’m a family guy with a wife, two young kids, and a dog.

  • We’re busy with both of us working and managing the challenges of parenting.

  • Keeping active and healthy is important and fun, so we do our best.

  • My wife and I are both runners. Also, she’s a biker and I work out at home.

  • We keep two flavors of smoothie mix with pumps on the bar … that’ll last a month or two.

  • And we have containers of protein and glutamine in the cabinet by the blender.


  • Quickly restore your body’s essentials right after a workout with DrinkFit smoothies.

  • Achieve balanced recovery by focusing on hydration, protein, supplements… and cool-down.

  • Elevate your hydration game with smoothies! Even Time Magazine wrote about it!

  • 60-second start-to-finish smoothie preparation including cleanup (rinsing of blender jar).

  • It’s not just a snack; it’s a reward that keeps you driven to conquer your workouts.


  • A healthier alternative that meets kids’ constant hunger.

  • Positioned as a treat, yet packed with health benefits.


  • Low-sugar mix that tastes as good as it feels.

  • Sugar overload and flavoring are common in traditional bar mixes.

  • Unlike traditional mixes, our smoothie mixes don’t cause gut rot.

  • Indulge in your favorite drinks without compromising your fitness goals.

  • We have recipes perfect for hot days—blended pina coladas, daiquiris, or margaritas are a guilt-free delight.

Explore a variety of recipes that incorporate DrinkFit smoothie mixes!

Bahama Mama

Before the Bahama Mama smoothie, there was the cocktail–The Bahama Mama Cocktail. That’s on top of the menu if you’re into rum.

MangoNana Blast

This easy-to-make Mangonana Blast recipe combines mangoes and banana, and can be customized to suit your taste preferences. Try it now!

Strawberry Tropicolada

Indulge in the bliss of our Strawberry Tropicolada smoothie! This summer treat blends strawberries and coconut with a pineapple twist.


  • Juggling work and kids? Hitting every meal can be a struggle.

  • Many smoothie ingredients miss the mark for meal replacement due to excessive sugar content.

  • DrinkFit smoothies tick all the boxes for a fulfilling meal replacement.

  • Replenish, refuel, and stay energized with every sip.

Healthful Benefits of DrinkFit Smoothies


  • Taste is our #1 priority— healthy is only worthwhile if it tastes fantastic.

  • Even with lower sugar content, we constantly win head-to-head in comparisons.

  • Smoothies typically pack 50-80g of sugar—equivalent to consuming TWO cans of soda!

  • Opt for DrinkFit with only 19g of sugar.

  • No artificial sweeteners; we use natural Stevia to keep sugar content low.

  • A smart choice for those watching fat intake and managing diabetes.


  • Our protein is a cream “base” for the perfect smoothie texture.

  • Each serving delivers 20g of protein.

  • There are a thousand options, but we opted for the best: WHEY.


  • Our brand is “Fruit First” because fruit is the first ingredient. No flavoring.

  • 100% Juice with added ingredients. FDA qualified.

  • While fruit are the healthy options, our best sellers, chocolate-peanut butter and mocha, are also customer favorites.
  • NO HFCS, artificial sweeteners, gluten, fats, soy, lactose.

  • Vegan and Kosher.


We’re based in PA and MN. All consumables are made and packaged in the USA.

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