Got a blender?  Try us:  low sugar, low cost, and convenient.
Perfect for at-home fitness and busy families.

DrinkFit's Low Sugar
32 Smoothies per bottle
Flavorful smoothie mix
Keep the smoothie mixes on the countertop
Easy-to-make smoothies
Easy recipes
Amazing Taste
Reusable cases

Real Fruit At Home Smoothie Mixes

Our Philosophy

  • Sugar is the enemy.  Most smoothies, packaged juice, and sports drinks are loaded with it.
  • Real fruit rules.  And it tastes great.
  • Time and money are always in short supply and we can’t waste either.
  • Trust since we’ve proven ourselves serving the fitness industry for 6 years with millions sold.
  • We strive for customers to love us.  Our business is repeat business.

The Basics …

  • Using our smoothie base (with protein) a 16oz drink is 215 calories, 20g sugar, 20g protein.
  • You can modify for less fruit or protein … for example 140 calories, 17g sugar, 10g protein.
  • Any blender will do.  Besides that, you just need ice and water.
  • No fridge or freezer, just store and use on the shelf.
  • Try it with a pump or pour from the bottle.
  • 5-step 60-second dummy-proof mess-free.
  • No shopping, chopping, spoilage, or waste.
  • Use your own protein … or try ours which doubles as a smoothie “base” for proper texture.
  • Add in your own supplements … or try one of our boosts which have like a billion servings.
  • Our cost-per-drink will beat whatever you use currently … 32 drinks per bottle.
  • Don’t like math? … we do! … serving size and portions are often confusing.

About YOU

Maybe You’re Like Me …

  • I’m a family guy with a wife, two young kids, and a dog.
  • We’re busy with both of us working and managing the challenges of parenting.
  • Keeping active and healthy is important and fun, so we do our best.
  • My wife and I are both runners.  Also, she’s a biker and I work out at home.
  • We keep two flavors of smoothie mix with pumps on the bar … that’ll last a month or two.
  • And we have containers of protein and glutamine in the cabinet by the blender.

Home Recovery Fitness …

  • Quickly after a workout you need to replenish what you’ve lost.
  • Balanced recovery = hydration, protein, fructose, supplement … and cool-down.
  • Re-hydrate better than pure water with protein/carbs … Time Magazine Article
  • I’m dropping some weight with a modified Keto diet so watching my carb intake.
  • After a run or some P90X I make a smoothie adding a collagen protein in with the whey.
  • I can make it in 60 seconds start to finish including cleanup (a rinse of the blender jar).
  • I always look forward to it, so it serves as a motivator to get my workout done.

Kids Snack or Treat …

  • I swear kids are always hungry or looking for a treat.
  • Products targeted at kids (juice boxes, fruit juice, pouches, sauces) are super high in sugar.
  • My wife is especially tough on their sugar intake.
  • Our kids love these smoothies.
  • They ask every day, they think it’s a treat, it fills the belly, and provides protein.
  • Our 8-year-old makes it herself with a full scoop of protein and splits with her sister, 8oz each.

Alcohol Cocktail Mix …

  • The problem with bar mix is that it’s all sugar.
  • You can only have one or two sweet drinks before the gut-rot hits.
  • And if you’re dieting, forget about it.  Alcohol isn’t off-limits but the mix is.
  • We like to be fit, but if I’m being honest, we like to drink too.
  • Especially when it’s hot out, a blended pina-colada, daquiri, or margarita is just plain great.
  • This low-sugar mix tastes great but feels so much better.
  • We’ve come up with a lot of creative recipes and modifications to get it just right.

Meal Replacement or Snack …

  • It’s hard to hit every meal when you’re busy with work and kids.
  • Most smoothies ingredients don’t fit the bill for a meal replacement since they’re too high in sugar.
  • Smoothie King, Tropical Smoothie, Jamba Juice, McDonalds, Starbucks.
  • Why spend $4-7 for all that sugar and no protein?
  • My wife will often make a smoothie for a snack while she’s working.
  • And I often run late-morning and use my post-workout smoothie as a replacement for lunch.

About US


  • If it doesn’t taste great why bother, right?!  This ain’t green goop.  Amazing taste is priority 1.
  • Listen our operators in the fitness industry using the exact same products.
  • Even with lower-sugar we win head-to-head with customer and operators over-&-over.


  • Come on, this is supposed to be good for you.  50-60-70-80g of sugar … are you kidding me?
  • That’s a much as TWO cans of Coke!
  • 14g vs. gut-rotting counterproductive yuck.
  • Not artificial sweeteners like Aspartame or Sucralose.
  • We use natural Stevia to keep the sugar down.
  • Fructose (fruit) not sucrose (table) … avoids blood-sugar spike … good for fat, and diabetics.


  • Slushy = no dairy … and our low-sugar fruit mix works great.  Just gives a different consistency.
  • Smoothie = dairy base.
  • Our whey protein includes a cream “base” for the perfect smoothie body and texture.
  • It gives 20g of protein per serving.
  • Any protein is better than no protein!  There’s a thousand options so give yours a try.


  • Real fruit concentrate NOT “flavoring”. Our brand is “Fruit First” because it’s the first ingredient.
  • Per FDA requirements our fruit qualifies for the label 100% Juice with added ingredients.
  • While fruit are the healthy options, try a killer chocolate-peanut butter or mocha.
  • No HFCS, No Artificial Sweeteners, Gluten Free, Fat Free, Soy Free, Lactose Free, Vegan, Kosher.


  • Environment … packaging for minimal waste:  PET, HDPE, biodegradable, bulk. Responsibility
  • Community food bank … not everyone is so fortunate. Responsibility
  • Community fitness … Healthy kids Running Series. Responsibility
  • We’re based in PA and MN.  All consumables made/packaged in the USA.

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