How DrinkFit Smoothie Bar
Increased Fitness Centers and
Gyms’ Profitability


DrinkFit is a trusted smoothie provider with around 600 locations, 70 unique brands, including 50 fitness centers and gyms in 23 states.

  • Easy profit center… a smoothie bar is a great way to add revenue to your fitness center. DrinkFit has proven to generate an average of 63% profit margin in the smoothie industry.

  • Added amenity for your members… a smoothie bar justifies an additional amount to the membership fee, and a perfect way to make your center stand out from the rest.

  • Creatine, Fatburner, Glutamine… our smoothies contain the top boosts to refuel and replenish the body after a good workout.

  • Located at the front desk… it sets the tone for your gym. It makes your front desk a welcoming space where members can grab a drink before and after they work out.

  • Increase member retention…. they are a great way to attract new members, increase membership usage and check-ins.

  • Minimal work… current employees can operate the smoothie bar.

  • It’s easy to make… no chilling or refrigeration needed, no shopping and chopping, and shelf-stable. Easy to learn recipes!

Choice Fitness Facade

Our Partners

We love our partners!

Your Success is Our Success: For 8 years, our mission has been to guide you into something you will be successful at, to grow your business by providing an excellent, healthy product designed to help your members improve their health.


What we did for them

From the beginning of 2014, DrinkFit and Choice Fitness have been working together to bring the healthiest, real fruit smoothies to those who love them.

Choice Fitness is the perfect partner for us because they value fitness and nutrition as much as we do. We’re proud to be able to provide our full installation system at their facilities.

DrinkFit serves up its signature smoothies at these locations:

  • Choice Fitness, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
  • Choice Fitness, Lowell, Massachusetts
  • Choice Fitness, Methuen East, Massachusetts
  • Choice Fitness, North Andover, Massachusetts
  • Choice Fitness, Methuen West, Massachusetts
  • Choice Fitness, Haverhill, Massachusetts
  • Choice Fitness, Danvers, Massachusetts

  • Choice Fitness, Methuen, Massachusetts

  • Choice Fitness, Peabody, Massachusetts

  • Choice Fitness, Salisbury, Massachusetts

They were so impressed with our smoothies that they took the good initiative to refer us to another client (Gravity Fitness) who’s also interested in growing bigger. We were happy to help out!

Our execution based on their need

Our services to Choice Fitness include:

  • Customized materials…we customized their menu according to their branding

  • Changing of pricing…we gave them every right to set their own prices

  • Equipment recommendation…we assisted on their installation by making recommendations on blenders

Jason Lumenello

General Manager – Choice Fitness
Haverhill, Massachussetts

Easy-to-use system

“We do have a DrinkFit bar installed in the gym, and it runs GREAT!!!! The blender is top-notch, and the system overall is second to none.”

“The members love their shakes after each workout. It’s an easy-to-use and very durable system. Great job on an amazing easy-to-use system. Have a great day and better tomorrow.”

DrinkFit Menu in Choice Fitness
gym DrinkFit juice bar

We provided Choice Fitness with a menu board customized to their brand colors and logo, allowing their members to choose their smoothie’s flavors, sizes, and boost options. We ensured that each element looked professional and appealing to members.

Choice Fitness, Methuen West, Massachusetts

Choice Fitness, Methuen West, Massachusetts

Choice Fitness, Haverhill, Massachusetts

Choice Fitness, Haverhill, Massachusetts

Choice Fitness, Lowell, Massachusetts

Choice Fitness, Lowell, Massachusetts


What we did for them

ABC Sports and Fitness truly took health and fitness to the next level when they partnered with us for the DrinkFit full installation system in 2021.

The partnership resulted from our shared values and commitment to wellness, as well as our mutual desire to provide their members with the best possible experience.

After some discussions, they qualified for our sample pack (fruit first smoothie, powder smoothie mix, boost supplements and accessories). They we’re so eager to try our products, and here is what we got in return from Matthew Doheny, the brand’s General Manager:

Products are amazing

“These products are amazing. We did a sampling last night and again this morning making shakes of all kinds and received excellent feedback. I am sold. I would like to move forward and purchase the full package. “

“This program almost seems to good to be true. Very excited to start this! Looking forward to trying the samples and placing my first order!”

“I am super pumped to start this”

“These cups look awesome! I can not wait to add those! Its really going to level up the smoothie program. And thank you for awesome product! “

Our execution based on their need

Our services to ABC Sports and Fitness include:

  • Increased sales… their old setup only makes 12 shakes a day, with DrinkFit they we’re able to produce 36 smoothies per day in the first two weeks!

  • Customized materials… helping them design and make their own custom branded menus, items, and cups. All labeled with their logos and they are very glad we did this for them.

  • Specialized service… we worked closely with them throughout the process, from providing them with everything they need and selecting cost-efficient equipment for their smoothie bar.

  • Pricing adjustment… we let them set their smoothie price, ensuring they attain greater profit margin.

Matthew Doheny

General Manager

Excellent program

“All is excellent here. I am very happy we brought on the program with you guys. Rave reviews from customers, excellent sales, and great service from your team. All good reviews all around!”

This custom-designed menu board features an easy-to-read format and is perfect for displaying the smoothie flavors,sizes, and boosts available at ABC Sports and Fitness.

ABC Fitness workout equipment
ABC Fitness exercise equipment near me


What we did for them

We’re proud to be partners for 8 years with such a successful, well-respected fitness brand. They are our very first customer and our relationship with them flourished more over the years.

DrinkFit is committed to helping customers maximize their potential, while New York Fitness Clubs is focused on helping people achieve their fitness goals. We both believe in health and wellness, which makes us a great fit for one another.

We serve up our signature smoothies at these locations:

  • Lebanon Fitness Center
  • Palmyra Fitness Center
  • Elizabethtown Fitness Center

Our execution based on their need

  • Customized materials… we assisted them in creating their menus, products, and cups with their own branding.

  • Pricing modification… we want our partners to know that we value their inputs, so we made it easy for them to set their smoothie prices while still guiding them on how best to do this.

ABC Sports and Fitness Counter

New York Fitness Club members can see the DrinkFit menu board at the gym entrance, so they can easily choose what they need without having to go out of their way. This menu includes a variety of delicious recipes that are perfect for pre-or post-workout refueling.

More Customized Menu Board for our Partners

DrinkFit Menu in its gym partners

We’re not just another smoothie company—we are a partner who can help you grow your business, and we do it with no hassle, no contracts, no quotas, no minimums—we just want to help you give your members a smoothie experience they’ll love.

Overall, a DrinkFit smoothie bar is a great addition to your fitness center and gym. It can help you attract more members, increase your revenue, and provide a healthy snack option for them.

DrinkFit locations2

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