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  • A healthy alternative to cookies, ice cream, and coffee… delicious and fun way to enjoy your dessert or snack without worrying about too much sugar intake.

  • High-protein, low-sugar, and tastes great… our smoothies are rich in supplementation perfect for our residents!

  • Located in bistro and dining services … it is easily accessible to our seniors!

  • Delicious and versatile real fruit concentrate mix … it can be used for fruit juice, as ice cream topping or even a dessert mix!

DrinkFit Strawberry Smoothie
Westminster on DrinkFit

Our Partner

Westminster Senior Living

Our partner, Westminster Senior Living in Texas, managed by the nation’s second-largest senior living operator, Life Care Services, has been enjoying the benefits of our full installation smoothie products for years.

DrinkFit is honored to have been called upon by Westminster Senior Living to be their exclusive smoothie provider for their residents.

What we Did for them

DrinkFit has been in this business for years and is known for going the extra mile for its partners.

LCS’s goal was to add extra service to what they currently offer to their residents to make them happier and more satisfied. DrinkFit and LCS teamed up together to make this happen.

We worked hand in hand and went beyond what was expected by our partners, doing things purposely for them, such as:

  • Price You Can Set
    This is one great benefit when partnering with us. You have the freedom and ability to set the pricing according to your goal. In the case of LCS, it went for reduced pricing to primarily upscale the services they offer to its community.
  • Customized Marketing Materials
    We worked with LCS to provide them with customized marketing materials. Previously, we had the standard marketing package that we offer to our usual partners in the fitness industry but we have made a lot of changes for LCS to accommodate their needs in terms of menu boards, handouts, logo, branding, and other materials.
  • Tailor Fit Serving Sizes
    We can tailor-fit the serving sizes according to your preference. For LCS, we reduced the serving sizes according to their request to meet the demands of the seniors.

  • Carefully Chosen Boosts
    We offer boosts that are good for seniors with dietary restrictions. They are also a great way to help the residents to be more active, have fun and keep them engaged within the community. They contain fiber, energy, and vitamins that support better health.

  • New Flavor Names
    We renamed the menu items with more descriptive names so they were easier to understand.
  • Protein
    We worked with LCS nutritionists to ensure that residents are getting proper nutrition.

If you’re looking to start a smoothie bar, you are in the right place.

We encountered many challenges along the way, but we made it happen! We have an
amazing team that can also make it happen for you.

DrinkFit Default Menu

DrinkFit Standard Menu

DrinkFit LCS Menu

DrinkFit LCS Menu

We Go above And Beyond regarding Customization

The menu board tells your story, attracts residents and keeps them coming back for more!

What if you could customize your menu board to fit your facility’s unique branding and residents’
nutritional needs?
With DrinkFit, you can do just that!

  • We have simplified our standard menu from 11 flavors to 5 for LCS.

  • We reworded the “Pick Your Fit’ items to make them more understandable.

  • It suits LCS brand and style, with its corporate colors and logo so that residents know who owns the smoothie bar.

  • We have adjusted serving sizes from 16oz to 12 oz, which is recommended for seniors.

  • We lessened the boost options and retained only what’s good for residents.

DrinkFit is a brand about working with partners to achieve their demands. Your goals are
ours too. Whether providing you with the accessories and resources you need to succeed or making sure
your residents feel valued, we’re here to help.

Other marketing materials we provided at zero charge:

What DrinkFit Provided to Westminster
Westminster Golf Club
Westminster at night
Westminster Front at night
Westminster Interior
Westminster Swimming Pool
Westminster Dining Room

Take Away

The senior living community has concerns we need to address. The common ones are:

  • How’s the food going to be in the senior living community?

  • I have diet restrictions due to health concerns. My food options are limited. How can I add fun to my f&b selection?

  • I have a sweet tooth. How will I be able to enjoy sweets when I should be avoiding sugar?

We use fructose as sugar, is high in protein, great for hydration, and has a thicker liquid consistency. DrinkFit might already be the answer to your seniors’ needs.

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