DrinkFit Healthy Mixes Healthy Boosts
DrinkFit Smoothie Fruit Flavors


  • Real fruit concentrate NOT “flavoring”. Our brand is “Fruit First” because it’s the first ingredient.

  • Shelf stock. No freezing required. No shopping and chopping.

  • No HFCS, No Artificial Sweeteners, Gluten Free, Fat Free, Soy Free, Lactose Free, Vegan, Kosher.

  • Low Sugar. No Artificial Sweeteners.

  • Low cost per serving.


Makes up to 32 Smoothies per bottle


1 year shelf life


Keep on the countertop

Fast & Easy

60 seconds no mess

Available Smoothie Mixes

DrinkFit FruitFirst Pomegranate
DrinkFit FruitFirst Mango
DrinkFit FruitFirst Strawberry
DrinkFit FruitFirst Wild Berry
DrinkFit FruitFirst Pina Colada
DrinkFit FruitFirst Banana


  • Smooth, creamy and natural

  • Liquid form

  • Ready to use

  • Pumpable

  • Soy free, gluten-free, low-carb

DrinkFit All Natural Peanut Butter
DrinkFit Pumpable Peanut Butter

Easy to Mix

Perfect for Protein Shakes, Smoothies, Ice cream

Good Ingredients

Peanuts, cottonseed oil and/or peanut oil, high fructose oil, salt.


Keep on the countertop


1 year shelf life

Chocolate Smoothie Mix

  • Soy free, gluten-free, lactose-free, Non-GMO

  • Smooth and deliciously sweet

  • Velvety Texture

  • Rich Chocolate Flavor
DrinkFit Chocolate Smoothie Mix
DrinkFit Chocolate Mix

No Artificial Sweetener


Ready to use

Anytime, anywhere


Keep on the countertop


1 year shelf life

Powdered Smoothie Bases and Mixes

  • The smoothie mix that gives the immune system a boost. Gluten-free, Kosher.

  • Whey … single flavor … doubles as the “BASE” for smooth creamy body consistency.
  • Provides 20g of high quality whey protein per serving

  • Specially forumated for Blended Smoothies

  • Mocha flavor provides the perfect blend of coffee and chocolate in a delicious ready-to-mix powder.

DrinkFit Smoothie Base
DrinkFit Whey Protein Cream
DrinkFit Smoothie Base Cream
DrinkFit Smoothie Mix Mocha


Makes 32 smoothies per bottle


1 year shelf life

Low Carb

180 calories with protein and fruit

Incredible Taste

Add with your water or with your smoothie mix

Boost Supplements

  • Great additives for your fitness and health goals

  • Specially formulated for Blended Smoothies

  • High-quality supplements with only quality ingredients, made in an GMP NSF & FDA registered facility in the USA under GMP compliant conditions.

  • Trusted by millions of customers in the US

DrinkFit Smoothie Boost

No artificial Sugars

plus Low Carb


Makes 560 smoothies


Keep on the countertop


1 year shelf life

DrinkFit Energy Boost

A blend of 8 common energy enhancers including Taurine, Green Tea Extract, Guarana, B6, B12 and Caffeine.

DrinkFit Creatine Boost

Promotes lean body mass and supports to increase in muscle endurance, muscle capacity and power output.

DrinkFit Fat Burner Boost

Speed up your body’s fat burning process with this blend of L-Carnatine Tartrate, Inulin and Garcinia Cambogia.

DrinkFit Fiber Boost

Enjoy health benefits (weight loss, lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar) with a blend of wheat, oat and rice fibers.

DrinkFit Vitamin Boost

Do your body good with this multi-blend of 15 vitamins and minerals at a daily recommended value of 25% each.

DrinkFit Glutamine Boost

This pure L-Glutamine replenishes and reduces muscle breakdown and improves protein metabolism.

Straws, Cups & Lids

  • Environment … packaging for minimal waste: PET, HDPE, biodegradable, bulk. Responsibility
  • BPA FREE. Our polypropylene plastic cups ensures quality and safety standards. Responsibility
  • Design materials customized accordingly to your branding Responsibility

DrinkFit Recyclable PET cups


Sold in bulk

Eco Friendly

Recyclable and Biodegradable

High Quality

PET plastic material BFPA-free for straws


Durable, Lightweight and Stackable

What our partners say about us!

Testimonial Post Slider

Erin Harkins

Thank you for shipping so quickly!

“Thank you for sending that along and getting this shipment to us so quickly! I appreciate it.”  

The new gym is selling 5x as many smoothies.

"Thank you! The new gym is selling 5x as many smoothies right now as the first one, so I'll be ordering a lot more frequently."

These smoothie products are amazing!

“These products are amazing. We did a sampling last night and again this morning making shakes of all kinds and received excellent feedback. I am sold. I would like to move forward and purchase the full package. What’s the next steps here?”

I’m excited for the Whey Protein

“I'm excited to try the protein and the cream. We liked the wild berry and also the strawberry and banana.”  

Our smoothie bar sales have increased!

"We have been using DrinkFit for some time now, and our smoothie sales have dramatically increased since we switched companies. Their quality is fantastic, and the customer service is great. The smoothies taste natural and delicious. We enjoy serving our gym members this high-quality smoothie!" 

We are please with the smoothie product line

“We have been extremely pleased with the product line and the customer service you all provide.”

Easy to use system

"We do have a DrinkFit juice bar installed in the gym, and it runs GREAT!!!! The blender is top-notch, and the system overall is second to none. I'm learning the system and finding out little things about it every day. The members love their shakes after each workout. It's an easy to use and very durable system. Great job on an amazing easy to use system. Have a great day and better tomorrow.   

Matthew Doheny

Excellent program

All is excellent here. I am very happy we brought on the program with you guys. Rave reviews from customers, excellent sales and great service from your team. All good reviews all around!

Brian Grossman
Director of Food & Beverage / Westminster, Austin TX

This product is awesome!

THANK YOU SO MUCH.  This product is awesome” “Everything is good, we rec. the shipment. We will be opening another Smoothie outlet in 6 mos. It is a hit.”

Our business is growing!

Our business is growing and we love DrinkFit!

Julia Thiessen

We have been selling like crazy!

Melanie Cochrane

Everyone loves the flavor!

Hello, they are delightful and everyone loves the flavor... Looking forward to working with you all.

Fred Ghoujeghi

This is a great product!

Taste tests are complete and everyone agrees that this is a great product! We are ready to move forward with a complete installation.

Nikki Simpson

My team and I couldn’t be happier…

"I have received the samples and my honest opinion is, I LOVE them! My team and I couldn't be happier with the macros, ingredients, and the taste. With that being said, we are on track to be open middle of October. If you would like to discuss an order I'd be more than happy to do so."

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