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DrinkFit smoothies have long been a favorite among health-conscious people, and now we’re making our way into healthcare facilities.

  • Creates a better experience… smoothies are not just for patients, it’s also for their companions, as well as facility staff.

  • High in protein, low in sugar… our smoothies are a great way for patients to get essential vitamins to stay on top of their health game while recovering at the hospital.

  • Made from real fruits, no artificial sweeteners… just like you, we care about where our ingredients come from.

  • Easy and quick to make… smoothies can be made in under one minute, so staff members can easily make one and get back to work!

  • Helps when it is hard to eat… smoothies are a great option for patients and kids who can’t chew, as they are easier to digest than other foods.

  • Healthy alternative… a great option for people looking for alternatives to sugary drinks or patients who have dietary restrictions but still want something delicious!

  • Cost-efficient… you don’t need any special equipment or supplies, and it’s easy enough for anyone on staff to operate.

  • Highly Profitable… a smoothie bar will bring in extra revenue and increase customer satisfaction.

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Our Partner

We have consistently provided the best products and services to the different industries we have worked with, and these experiences have shaped us into a better company, confident to provide your healthcare facilities with quality products and services that will meet all your needs.

Mercy Hospital

Mercy Hospital is a prominent healthcare facility in Oklahoma City. It is one of the largest medical facilities in the state and has been truthful in transforming healthcare in the community for many years.

What we did for them

DrinkFit has been partnering with Mercy Hospital since 2021.

Mercy Hospital came to us with a request to partner after trying our smoothie sample pack. The hospital was looking for a nutritious product to add to its current offerings, and we were able to provide them with a healthy option that tastes great.

Our full installation system can be found in different locations of Mercy Hospital, namely:

Our services to Mercy Hospital include:

  • Catherine’s Corner OKC
  • Catherine’s Café Coletta

  • Catherine’s Café I-35

Our smoothies took the Mercy Hospital brand to the next level, expanding their reach to all types of consumers.

Our execution based on their need

Our services to Mercy Hospital include:

  • Customized materials… we have developed a wide range of materials, including menus, accessories, and other promotional items, following Mercy Hospital’s brand identity.

  • Enhanced menu board… they requested a new and simpler menu following their existing vertical format and look. We were happy to oblige!

  • TV display menu… we gave them a tv display ad, ensuring that it would be easy for their patients and customers to read at any time of day or night.

  • In-depth nutritional analysis… we took the time to conduct thorough research about the nutritional value of each ingredient and helped them pick the ones that could benefit a healthier lifestyle.

  • All-inclusive assistance… we assisted with their installation by making recommendations on blenders.

DrinkFit and Mercy Hospital2

Drinkfit takes pride in providing Mercy Hospital with an eye-catching and informative menu!

Catherine's Cafe menu2

Our custom design installed in Mercy Hospitals’ large LCD menu counters.

Catherine's Cafe nutrition2

We provided Mercy Hospital with this board containing the nutritional value of our smoothies, which they use to educate their patients, visitors, and employees about what they are eating and how to eat healthier!


  • We are a dedicated and experienced team ready and waiting to help you make your business as successful as possible.

  • We handle everything from smoothie mixes and accessories to customized marketing materials, ensuring that every detail is taken care of so that you can focus on your business.

  • Our smoothies are made just the way your customers like them. There are many options for boost supplements, available in 16oz and 24oz sizes, which makes them the perfect size for breakfast or lunch on the go.

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