Better Together: How DrinkFit Helps Gold’s Gym Attract and Retain New Members

Better Together: How DrinkFit Helps Gold’s Gym Attract and Retain New Members

Gold’s Gym and DrinkFit entered into a strategic partnership that opened up a new revenue stream for Gold’s Gym, which also helped them keep pace with their competitors as they tried to attract new members.

This partnership is instrumental in reinforcing the company’s strong commitment to fostering fitness and creating a unique experience for its gym-goers.

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  • The partnership between DrinkFit and Gold’s Gym started 8 years ago and is initially at 8 Gold’s Gym locations, including:
  • Culpeper, Virginia
  • Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • Hershey, Pennsylvania
  • Hamilton Mill, Georgia
  • Lawrenceville, Georgia
  • Des Moines, Iowa
  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • DrinkFit and Gold’s Gym worked together to customize an enticing new menu for their members.
  • Adam and Andy Ponzio, the owners of Gold’s Gym in Lawrenceville, Georgia,have been our good partners. We have been working together for some time now, and it was a great decision. Working with such experienced, professional, and reliable people has been a pleasure.
  • The collaboration provides Gold’s Gym access to several customized promotional materials from DrinkFit as well as our healthy smoothies designed specifically for fitness enthusiasts.
Gold's Gym offering smoothies

DrinkFit smoothie mixes and boosts in Gold’s Gym counter

Gold's Gym smoothie menu

DrinkFit menu board mounted at Gold’s Gym pillars for all members to see.

Visit one of our Gold’s Gym locations today and experience our smoothies!

Gold's Gym Culpeper, Virginia

Gold’s Gym in Culpeper, Virginia

Gold’s Gym Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Gold’s Gym in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Gold’s Gym Hamilton Mill, Georgia

Gold’s Gym in Hamilton Mill, Georgia

Gold’s Gym Charlottesville, Virginia

Gold’s Gym in Charlottesville, Virginia

Gold’s Gym Atlanta, Georgia

Gold’s Gym in Atlanta, Georgia

Gold’s Gym Lawrenceville, Georgia

Gold’s Gym in Lawrenceville, Georgia


We’ve been working hard to ensure that our business is as profitable as possible
and we’re happy to share how our efforts have paid off.

DrinkFit in Gold's Gym

We have provided Gold’s Gyms with our full installation system.

Here are the other things included in it aside from the customized designs:

Gold's Gym DrinkFit Menu

Menu Board

Our menu board displays our flavors, sizes, and boost options so your customers can choose the one that fits their taste and mood.

Gold's Gym DrinkFit Coupons
Gold's Gym DrinkFit Punch Cards


Delight your customers with a healthy treat they’ll love. With coupons, you’re all set to win their loyalty! Rules and restrictions apply.

DrinkFit Buy 9 Get 1 Free

Punch Cards

Keep your customers coming back for more with a punch card. This allows you to reward your loyal customers with a FREE smoothie after nine purchases.

DrinkFit Handout Brochure Menus

Handout brochure menus

These handout brochure menus are a unique way to promote your smoothie menu and make it easy for your customers to have clear-cut directions on what smoothie they should order.

DrinkFit Build Your Own Smoothie Additional Information

Additional info

To make sure that we continue to serve you the best possible value, we usually make some menu changes. However, you can refer to this additional info sheet/label (?) for any changes you need to know about.

DrinkFit Nutritional Manual

Nutrition manual

Dig deeper into the science of nutrition with our comprehensive manual, which covers what you need to know about the different nutrients in our products.

Also included:

Holder for handout brochure menus

We give this holder to make it easier for you to carry and organize your handout brochure menus.

Stir spoon for peanut butter

This is an excellent tool for our peanut butter; very practical and easy to use without compromising its precious taste.

Holder for punch cards

We give you a holder to make it easier to carry and organize your punch cards.

Can opener for peanut butter

This high-quality can opener makes opening a breeze.

Serving tray for samples

This serving tray is perfect for ensuring your smoothies are displayed and served perfectly.

Our business partnership with Gold’s Gym is on track, and we’re delighted to continue our efforts to deliver the highest standards of our products’ quality, taste, and convenience.

We recognize the importance of this relationship and look forward to growing together with Gold’s Gym by continuing to return its loyalty with unparalleled service.

Gold's Gym and DrinkFit
DrinkFit Partnership with Gold's Gym


  • Will continue to be Gold’s Gym’s “smoothie bar partner” in making health and fitness a lifestyle.
  • Remains committed to providing Gold’s Gym with everything it needs to succeed — including our exclusive smoothie recipes, “Fruit First” naturally healthy ingredients, environmentally friendly product containers, and customized marketing materials.
  • Through DrinkFit’s unique smoothie products, Gold’s Gym was able to consistently deliver high-quality offering.
  • We at DrinkFit believe that a successful partnership entails two companies having common goals. Teaming up with Gold’s Gym was a match made in heaven!

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