A Broader Target Market to
Increase Revenue in Your Bars
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By leveraging our smoothie concession, our partners enjoy record-setting profits, a higher chance of return on investment, and repeat customers with whom they build lifelong relationships. For over 8 years, DrinkFit has continuously provided the food and beverage industry an opportunity to broaden its target market by incorporating real fruit juice and smoothie products into its food and drink offerings.

  • Tastes great… perfect for your establishment and customers any time of the day!

  • Beverage sales increase… enjoy higher profit margins! Our smoothie mixes make 32 drinks, which is more than what you get from most providers. You’re getting quality at a cost-effective price.

  • 3 times better than the competition! While our competitors’ smoothie products only have 10 servings, DrinkFit gives you 32 servings in one bottle for a more affordable price.

  • Use it as an alcohol mix… whether it’s for a cocktail or a happy hour, our low-sugar Pina Colada and Strawberry smoothie mixes can give your alcoholic beverages a twist without getting gut-rot! Give your customers the best of both worlds: yummy flavor and no hangover.

  • We use REAL FRUIT, NOT FLAVORING! Our competitors use “reconstituted fruit juice”, a fancy word for “watered down juice” and when its watered down, nutrition and taste decreases hence more flavoring is needed.

  • Low sugar… we use only natural sweetener, stevia, in our smoothies, so your customers won’t have to worry about sugar spikes!

  • Hassle-free operations… no freezer/chilling (storage or delivery), no minimums required, our smoothie mixes are shelf-stable for one year and ready when you are.

  • Good for kids! Add our smoothie mixes to any mocktail recipe for families with kids to create a nutritious drink they’ll enjoy. Its vibrant colors appeal to kids, so even the pickiest eater won’t hesitate to get one!

Our Partner

Bob Evans Restaurants

We have been working with Bob Evans Restaurants since July 2021, and it has been a very beneficial partnership. It started when we sent them our sample packs, they liked what they tried and decided to partner with us. They have been serving DrinkFit products in over 400 Bob Evans locations in the US.

Our execution based on their need

We collaborated closely, and went above and beyond what Bob Evans Restaurants had asked for, delivering materials that are custom-fit to their needs, such as:

  • Flavor for their alcohol mix… our smoothie mixes gave their alcoholic beverages a healthier touch without losing its great flavor.

  • Seasonal flavor… they use our versatile smoothie mixes in their summer and winter drinks.

  • Logistics… we coordinated with a food distributor to deliver our product line to 7 of their distribution centers.

What is the result of this partnership

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with Bob Evans. Their team was extremely satisfied with our work and product quality and will continue partnering with us in the years ahead.

Bob Evans Restaurant
Juice bar inside Bob Evans
Bob Evans Restaurant facade
Bob Evans service
Bob Evans family
Bob Evans Strawberry Citrus Splash
Bob Evans Strawberry Lemonade

Here’s Bob Evan’s Strawberry Citrus Splash and Strawberry Lemonade made freshly with DrinkFit Strawberry Puree.

What can we do for you?

  • DrinkFit can help you expand your target market and cater to kids and health-conscious customers.

  • DrinkFit products add fun to your alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages without sacrificing taste and quality.

  • DrinkFit is here to help you increase your beverage sales.

  • We’ll work with you to create a strategy that enables you to keep customers coming back for more.

DrinkFit is the one-stop shop for all of your needs.

DrinkFit locations2

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We’re looking for partners who share our passion for offering great-tasting products that are healthy and highly profitable.

If you’re interested in incorporating smoothie juice bar products into your business, we encourage you to contact us today, and we’ll reach out to you!