The holy grail of conversion is to increase sales while simultaneously decreasing cost.

  • Sales more than doubled
  • Cost is almost half (truly half before promotions)
  • Total profit dollars is about 4x pre-to-post changeover
  • Better value, better macros, better taste!
  • Happier members mean repeat purchases.
  • A business model that yields *63% profit margin, surpassing the 38% margin of a renowned competitor.

Sales More Than Doubled

Case Study

Gold Gym’s Richland, a proud member of the extensive network of 200+ branches comprising the renowned American chain of international co-ed fitness centers, sought to enhance its offerings for its members. They partnered with competitor, a company big on natural smoothies, and while natural is good, their financial results didn’t quite hit the mark.

In light of this, they decided to switch to a low-cost with better value option, and they found just that in DrinkFit.

Improved Sales From $2,094 to $4,961

Gold Gym’s Richland sales leaped from their 2022 monthly average sales of $2,094 to $4,961, average sales of June to August 2023. This growth represents a 237% boost in sales, leaving their manager amazed by the success of DrinkFit products.

* Actual financial data shared by Gold’s Gym Richland for the study.

* June-August 2022 sales were verified to be within 1% (higher) of the 11 month average to check for seasonality.

* The per-item cost-of-sales method was verified to be within 2% (lower) of the 2023 average as a cross-check.

* Richland is now offering a DrinkFit 16 and 24oz. The average is 20oz for $5.85

Notably, August marked a significant milestone with the highest sales recorded at $5,646, despite traditionally being considered their slowest month. The boosted sales are just the starting point.

What contributed to the surge in sales?

Gym Members Buying More

Health-conscious members loved the new smoothies, driving significant sales—a great opportunity for business owners seeking to offer premium smoothies and increased profits.

Better Value

  • We increased our regular size from 12 to 16oz while maintaining the price. We’ve also introduced the all-new 24oz.No one likes to wait.
  • Our drinks only take ~1 minute to make compared to ~3 minutes on average before.

Better Macros, Low Sugar

  • DrinkFit fruit smoothies are sweetened with natural Stevia.
  • A reduction from ~41g (old brand) to 19g sugar (DrinkFit regular size).
  • DrinkFit smoothies boast a perfect macro balance for replenishment.

Better Taste

  • After conducting a blind taste test, the majority of their members preferred the taste of DrinkFit smoothies.
  • The health benefits don’t matter if they don’t deliver on taste. They viewed that as a top priority in considering the change.

Strategic Promotions

  • Another marketing strategy that significantly increased sales volume was the $3 Thursdays promotion, which drew more members.
  • In just the first two months after implementing this strategy, 30 cups were sold each Thursday, resulting in a tally of 243 cups of DrinkFit smoothies sold, translating to $1,215 in revenue.

Lower Cost – Almost Half!

In contrast to their previous collaboration with a competitor, where their expenses reached a significant 62% of their total costs, Gold’s Gym Richland’s partnership with DrinkFit has proven highly cost-effective. With us, their cost expenditure stands at just 39%, a substantial reduction driven primarily by lower shipping costs on orders. This underscores the clear value for your money when choosing DrinkFit.

What Makes the Costs So Low?

  • Highly Concentrated Juice… maximizing flavor while minimizing costs.
  • Versatile Powder Base… smoothie powder that doubles as base and protein source, reducing expenses on multiple ingredients.
  • Reduced Inventory… our streamlined system simplifies inventory, making tracking of stocks easy.
  • Simplified System… no additional staff needed for operation.
  • Supplies That Make Life Easier… we provide a precisely portioned pump that eliminates product wastage.

Almost Quadrupled Profit

Recognizing the need for improvement, Gold Gym’s Richland partnered with DrinkFit. The shift resulted in a transformative impact on the gym’s profit margin.

Quantifying the Profit Leap

  • After switching to DrinkFit, Gold’s Gym Richland’s profit soared to an impressive $3,026, compared to their $797 profit with their previous partner.
  • This substantial increase signifies a remarkable 3.80 times growth in profit, a testament to the undeniable superiority of DrinkFit business model.
  • Low cost by 39% because of simplified and effective system and low inventory.
  • Higher sales by 237% because members buy more.
  • More offerings of 16- and 24-oz cup sizes with lower operation costs.

Quantifying the Profit Leap

  • Our partners can set their own smoothie prices, allowing them to tailor their profit margins according to their goals, using our DrinkFit Profit Per Drink spreadsheet as a guide.
  • With DrinkFit, partners enjoy an impressive 63% profit margin, a significant leap from the industry standard.

The Partnership You Need

To summarize,

  • SALES increased because members were happier, so they buy more.
    Natural ingredients are good, but what matters more are macros and taste.
  • The LOWER COSTS result from our simplified business model featuring concentrated real fruit juice, minimal ingredients, and low inventory, geared towards running efficiently as a profit center.
  • The benefits of transitioning to DrinkFit are not empty claims; they are backed by real-world results..

While switching providers may initially seem daunting, the rewards of embracing DrinkFit’s values and offerings make the decision overwhelmingly beneficial.

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