Specially designed to work with thick liquids such as our peanut butter pumpable smoothie mix!

  • DISPENSING HAND PUMP: Designed for our Drinkfit Peanut Butter. High-impact dispensing pump construction material. Dispenses 1 ounce portions.
  • PRECISE PUMP MEASURING: Dispenses 1 fluid ounce (30 ccs) per full stroke. Totaly no mess on trying to pour our DrinkFit Peanut Butter out of a heavy container and gives the perfect amount of output on a single press.
  • DESIGNED TO ITS PURPOSE: Drinkfit crunchy peanut pump dispenser is designed to handle thick and chunky condiments. Can also be used as a replacement pump for any same sized container.
  • BPA-FREE MATERIAL: Our peanut butter pumps are BPA-free plastic with stainless steel spring so its safe to use.
  • Cap Included with this pump gallon dispenser so that instead of tap the spout after pumping to get the remaining product out of it, you can simply close off the tight jar lid to avoid dripping.