A cup of smoothie is a cup of joy, especially if it’s bursting with tropical flavors that ensnare the senses and induce positive emotions. Fruit smoothies are great for wellness. They fill your body with nutrients and influence your mood, making fun moments extra special and sad days a little more comfortable. Here are the best tropical smoothie flavors for every mood.

The Superstar Mango Smoothie

A radiant cup of Mango Smoothie is perfect for the days when you’re feeling a little extra. Like the bright yellow Mango, the Mango Smoothie inspires you to embrace your strong flavor and give everyone an unforgettable sweet taste. It fills you with the zest to embrace your quirks, have fun, and shine. 

Sexy Pomegranate Smoothie

When you’re with your special someone. It’s always a good idea to take care of yourself and be at your best every day. 

And nothing takes care of you better than a cup of pomegranate smoothie. Pomegranate is a superfood with at least 15 medically proven health benefits. It has been used for thousands of years as medicine. And it’s also Kylie Jenner’s not-so-secret favorite way to keep those abs going. So if you don’t trust us, trust the Kardashians.

This middle-eastern food is good for your mental health. It chases away the blues and it’s full of antioxidants and vitamin C.

Finally, it gets you in a really good mood in the bedroom, so you can give your special someone extra care every night.

The Fab Pina Colada Smoothie

Nothing signals the start of fun better than an exquisite glass of Pina Colada Smoothie. Whether you’re on the beach starting the evening with amigas with cocktails or on the terrace welcoming the weekend with amigas, a sip of Pina Colada unleashes the spirit of the party. Throw in some jazz music and forget the rest of the world.

Wild Day Wildberry Smoothie 

Remember that Monday after the holidays? You’re just settling in from the high, but too many things are happening already. Emails and projects are raining down on you, people come and go and you feel obliged to say yes. Then, you just get lost in the hustle and before you know it, the day is done and you’ve missed the really important things.

Stop. When it’s raining cats and dogs, the first thing that you should do is take a break and clear your mind, preferably with a refreshing cup of Wildberry Smoothie that calms the nerves and induces positive emotions. When you’ve shaken away the stress, list everything in order of priority, work on your timelines with people, and manage your work like a pro. 

Everyday Great Day Banana Smoothie

Having a banana smoothie in the morning feels like waking up to positive affirmations. Every sip feels like a pat on the back that assures you that everything is alright and you should be happy. 

Sipping your favorite morning beverage is also the perfect time to look forward to the day, and plan. Put a stamp on what truly matters. Make sure you have everything you need. And go out with a winner’s mindset.

Secret Smoothie Recipe: Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Chemists have documented that certain flavors recall a particular experience. Strawberry takes us back to our childhood when we chase after sweets and never worry. Banana has high levels of Vitamin B6 that chases away your period blues. 

This combination of emotional comfort and mood boost is all that you need to stay strong and confident. Never miss a week of your life again!

Every Smoothie Bars’ Bestseller: Choco Banana Smoothie

There’s a reason why almost every smoothie bar in America names Choco Banana Smoothie its bestseller. 

Remember when you were young. You go home crying from school and your grandmother hugs you and prepares your favorite chicken soup?

Choco Banana Smoothie is like chicken soup for adults. When things are dull or when something heartbreaking happens, a hearty cup warms your heart and gives you a taste of sweetness, reminding you that this too shall pass, and tomorrow is another day to start rebuilding yourself.