Tips and Tricks to Thicken Smoothies

Romellaine Arsenio

September 13, 2021



Having a smoothie is so much fun! Who can say no to tasty real fruit goodness and fantastic health benefits? You’ll say yes without finishing the sentence. We’re not given all these fantastic flavors to miss them. The only thing better than a smoothie? A thicker and creamier smoothie that feels like ice-cold sundae. Love the idea? Here are some tips on using ice to thicken your smoothie.

How to Thicken Smoothie 

  • Banana Your Way to Everything

Strawberry Banana, Chocolate Banana, Coffee Banana, Peanut Butter Banana, Mango Banana– Banana works with anything and everything! Our cheerful yellow fruit has a sweet, gentle, and creamy taste that you can enjoy alone or with other fruits or flavors. When blended with others, Banana adds a layer of creaminess. 

You can freeze banana fruit slices or create ice cubes from banana puree and add them to your usual smoothie mix.

Oh, did we mention that bananas make you happy? The frozen fruit relaxes you and improves your mood. It promotes healthy blood pressure and soothes the nerves. So, the next time you’re sad for days, say Babababa-bababanana!

  • Scoop Some Chia Seeds or Raw Oats

Chia seeds and oats promote heart health and weight loss. A handful of one of them adds thickness to your smoothie. Oats bring in extra fiber, while a scoop of chia seeds is a scoop of healthy fat. Remember, chia is best consumed right away.

  • Be a Little More Generous with Your Protein Powder

At Drinkfit, our protein powders not only replenish your nutrients after excercise, it also works as a cream base for your delicious smoothie. Adding an extra scoop of Drinkfit protein powder to your drink makes it thicker, creamier, and richer in nutrients.

  • Frozen Ingredients Does Wonders

At Drinkfit, we still want your regular crushed ice. But you can exchange some of the ice for frozen ingredients like frozen fruits or puree or coffee ice cubes to thicken up a smoothie. 

  • Level Up Your Blender

High-powered blenders like Blendtec or Vitamix can blend crushed ice and other ingredients into perfection in a minute, before the ice melts. So, you get a perfectly textured drink.

Drinkfit Recommends Blendtec 

At Drinkfit, Blendtec is the best brand in our Juice Bar Equipment List.

Blendtec has residential and juice bar blenders. Everything lasts for years and makes consistent and rich beverages. This brand has the most positive reviews online and is recommended by nutrition experts for its innovative design, high quality, and ease of use. 

The classic Blendtec blender starts at 250 USD. It can create smoothies in less than a minute. There are five speeds and four preprogrammed cycles to choose from for ice cream, smoothie bowls, hot soup, and whole juice. It has a 60- or 90-second setting that you can press and let your blender do the rest. Drinkfit’s partner supplier discounts our business customers. Blendtec comes with a BPA-free jar and has an 8-year warranty for residential use. 

Commercial Blenders

Blendtec also has commercial blenders for bars and restaurants. The most affordable one is the EZ 600, which costs $542. It lasts for years, even when used daily in restaurants.

EZ 600 looks like a classic blender with custom blend cycles and simple controls. It has a powerful motor that blends tough ingredients fast. This blender also comes with a 3,000 cycle warranty and the most recommended tool when you’re starting a business.

As your juice bar expands, you may want to invest in breakthrough technology like Connoisseur 825 to address specific needs. The high volume, low noise feature, exhibited by an extra glass covering, makes the machine ideal for gyms and co-working spaces.

Connoisseur 825 has 42 preprogrammed cycles that can blend popular recipes with perfect consistency. Each cycle shuts off automatically, freeing up operators for other tasks. 

How to Thicken Smoothie? Here’s a Recipe for Super Thick Strawberry Banana Smoothie

What’s your favorite smoothie? Most kids and ladies love a Strawberry Smoothie. The goodness of fresh strawberries, lightly cooled and blended with delicious almond milk, makes a drink worthy of the heavens. 

You can say it’s the best thing on Earth. And we could agree–except that you can also turn strawberry smoothie thicker and more cream-like. You get more flavor and creaminess–or you can just go brain freeze!

Now let’s get the ingredients:

-2 Banana puree ice cubes or a frozen spoon of banana

-3 pumps Drinkfit Fruit First Strawberry Smoothie Mix

-1 spoon Drinkfit Protein Powder

-1 cup crushed ice

Optional: 1 spoon of oats or chia seeds for extra texture

Combine everything in a high-powered blender and enjoy!

Another recipe? You got it.

Super Thick Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

Now let’s get the ingredients:

-2 scoops of frozen nut butter

-3 pumps Drinkfit Fruit First Banana Smoothie Mix

-1 spoon Drinkfit Protein Power

-1 cup crushed ice

Optional: 1 spoon of oats or chia seeds for extra texture

Mix everything in a high-powered blender and enjoy!

How about a final treat?

WildBerry Banana Oat Smoothie

Oats add body to your smoothies and helps you feel fuller longer. Wild Berries are delicious superfoods with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and health benefits like improved blood sugar and insulin response, and protection from influenza.

In a blender, combined:

-8 pumps Drinkfit Fruit First Wildberry Smoothie Mix

-8 Banana puree ice cubes or a frozen spoon of banana

-1 cup vanilla low-fat yogurt

-1/2 cup rolled oats

-1/2 cup orange juice

-1 Tbsp honey

Blend until the mixture is smooth, serves 4.

Have a fun weekend!

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