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Romellaine Arsenio

August 13, 2021



The future of fitness is more than just helping people lose a few pounds. It is engaging people into a more wholesome lifestyle and producing results!. You can supervise people’s workout routine for an hour a day. But for them to achieve their body goals, you need to encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle in the remaining 23 hours. This includes nutrition, hydration, and sleep. Produce results through nutrition with Drinkfit Fitness Center Smoothie Bar.

Starting a Smoothie Bar in aGym Provides Gym-goers the Nutrition they Need

Benefits of drinking smoothies pre and post workout

Smoothies are essential in gyms because they provide gym-goers the energy they need before working out and protein and carb replenishments after. Meal replacement drinks are the best way to gulp nutrients and boosters such as energy, fat burn, fiber, vitamin, glutamine, and creatine.

The post-workout smoothie maximizes muscle growth and calorie intake. A shake rich in protein and carbohydrates consumed within 30-60 minutes after a workout will provide muscles with the fuel to jump-start its repair and recovery.

Protein provides the body with amino acids, which are the building blocks for muscle growth. When coupled with a challenging resistance-training program and calorie surplus, protein builds muscles like magic.

Timing enhances the benefits of nutrition when exercising. Consuming carbohydrates during workouts supports training, improves recovery, and protects muscle mass. Sneak in additional calories to add mass. Moreover, the spike in carbohydrates drives up insulin, which quickly shuttles these carbohydrates and other nutrients to the muscles.

Opening a Juice Bar in a Gym Fosters a Circle of Fitness

The gym and juice partnership is beneficial for both businesses. The juice bar provides an excellent venue for socialization and nurtures your circle of fitness. By encouraging a friendly environment and making things fun, you become people’s happy place. 

On the flip side, fitness brands know their customers by heart, from their demographics to their gym habits. This data can help the smoothie businesses a lot in pricing strategies, crafting an offering, stocking up the right boosts for gym-goers, and maintaining an ideal inventory level for the foot traffic.

Naturally sweet fruits for smoothies

Drinkfit Fitness Center Smoothie Bar

More than just co-branding, Drinkfit offers you the option to establish your own brand and create your own positioning.

Drinkfit prides itself on being the smoothie brand with the lowest sugar content. We are successful in three B2B aspects: Great Taste, Ease of Use, and Profitability.

Great Taste

Drinkfit Smoothies retain the freshness and natural sweetness of fruits and blend them with delicious creamy goodness. 

Of course, the best way to prove this is to get in touch with us and request a free sample that we are happy to give to gym owners.

Ease of Use

The core of our business is to make it as easy as possible for you to maintain an add-on income.

We use purees so that you can offer real fruit goodness without chopping and shopping.

Our recipes are easy to follow, and our purees come with very friendly pumps. We also take care of branding and marketing. Moreover, blenders these days are very easy to clean.

Making a Drinkfit Smoothie is something your front desk can do alongside welcoming members.



Our business model features low capital, lean inventory levels, minimal labor, and 50% to 100% markup.

Drinkfit is a low-risk and profitable add-on business for gyms.

Success with Drinkfit

Across America, Drinkfit has partnered with over 50 brands to nurture the fitness mindset.

While you focus on modern gym design and creating and promoting signature fitness programs that transform lives, we are keen on crafting drinks from natural fruit with little sugar and making your side business profitable for you.


Choice Fitness

With seven clubs and 22 years in the industry, Choice Fitness welcomes people of all ages and wants to make working out less intimidating and more comfortable. They have a refreshing ambiance and a clean layout. More than that, they boast a massive selection of state-of-the-art equipment. They get to know their clients’ workout history, as well as their interests, whether it’s strength training, cardiovascular, or kickboxing. They make sure to customize a program that will ease the client in, make them feel comfortable, and enjoy their gym experience.

Choice fitness is the workout home of people with varying fitness levels. Amenities like a juice bar, child care, saunas, and steam room enriches their gym experience.


New York Fitness Club

New York Fitness Club is a results-driven gym with three branches in Pennsylvania.

They have witnessed ordinary people walk in and make significant differences in their health and fitness. The founders Lonnie and Jeff are incredibly passionate about fitness, and they are channeling the same intensity in their business.

Lonnie and Jeff are very hands-on. They personally help customers work out whenever they can, constantly update their equipment, and provide an exciting variety that serves customized fitness programs. They also have a great digital app. Finally, they love chilling in the juice bar to get to know clients personally. 

Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym is the world’s most iconic fitness brand. With over 600 branches in 6 continents, the gym is a gold standard in the fitness industry.

Drinkfit is a proud partner of several rising Gold’s Gym branches, including Lawrenceville and Hamilton Mill. We are one with Gold’s Gym in upgrading fitness standards by serving only real fruit goodness with the right nutrition and almost zero sugar.

If you own a Gold’s Gym, we invite you to get in touch with us and promise you premium smoothie goodness that you can profit from.

Powerhouse Gym

Powerhouse gym is among the strongest names in fitness since 1974. The gym is popular among the general population for its state-of-the-art facilities and exciting sports and wellness offerings that make one’s fitness journey exciting and holistic.

Drinkfit is honored to contribute to Powerhouse Gym’s supreme legacy through nutrition, starting with the Powerhouse Gym of Houma.


The Door is Open

Stay on top of your game with nutrition. As a fitpreneur, you are going above and beyond to produce results and help people achieve their body goals. Trust in the power of real fruit and nutrition. 

Drinkfit is on your side. We are offering you a fantastic partnership, and we are happy to provide a FREE SMOOTHIE BAR FITNESS CENTER INSTALLATION. 

Let us take care of your refreshments. We have everything you need to start a juice bar in weeks and enhance your gym experience. 

Learn About of Free Installation Program

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