DrinkFit Partners With Recreation Centers to Empower Health and Wellness


May 18, 2023


DrinkFit Partners With Recreation Centers

The way people view health and fitness has changed over the years. People nowadays are opting for more holistic approaches to health, incorporating wellness into their daily lives in a variety of ways.

The recreation center industry has evolved alongside this shift in perspective.

A recreation center then is a facility that provides a wide array of activities and programs catering to people of all ages. At present, they have developed to include much more than fitness classes and basketball courts. They are now offering everything for wellness and relaxation, such as yoga, cooking classes, and even karaoke nights!

How Recreation Centers Help Sustain Communities’ Healthy Lifestyles

Recreation centers have become social hubs where people can interact and form strong relationships with other community members. People need places like this, especially after years of extreme Covid-19 lockdown, to feel like they belong or have a sense of inclusion.

Recreation centers are often owned by local government agencies and managed by nonprofit organizations or private companies. They are funded through local taxes, donations, or grants. There are almost 8,000 recreation centers in the USA that employ almost 50,000 people and generate over $2 billion in revenue annually. That says a lot about recreation centers!

Adding Value to Your Recreation Center

The recreation center’s endless revenue possibilities can always be maximized by opening more profit centers with the right strategy for any operators or entrepreneurs looking to start a new one. But with the advent of technology and the convenience it offers, people are now spending less time outside of their homes, which is why it’s important for recreation facility managers to provide more value for their customers to keep them coming into their centers and to attract new patrons.

What Attracts People to Visit Recreation Centers

  • Facilities

The first thing that attracts people to visit recreation centers is the facilities. They often have pools, gyms, basketball courts, and other amenities that make them popular destinations for families with children and adults who want to stay active while spending time together with friends or family members.

  • Social Atmosphere

Many recreation centers have lounges where visitors can relax after working out or playing a game of tennis or basketball on the nearby courts. Some facilities even offer food services where people will be able to choose their preferred healthy snacks and drinks before engaging in any activities at the center.

  • Programs

Recreation centers offer various programs for all ages and interests, including arts and crafts, sports, and dance classes. These programs can be a good way to meet other people, learn new skills, and have fun.

  • Availability/Convenience

The most popular reason people visit recreation centers is that they’re conveniently located near their homes or workplaces. Many areas have multiple recreation centers within walking distance, so residents don’t need to drive very far if they want to go for a swim or play some tennis. Some areas even have indoor pools that are open year-round, so people can continue swimming even when it’s cold outside.

  • Meal Plans/Food

One of the biggest draws to a recreation center is the meal plan they offer. Many recreation centers offer a variety of different meal options, including hot food, cold food, and snacks. Some recreation centers even offer full-service restaurants with table service in addition to their snack bars.

If you’re a recreation center operator, the food that you provide should be of good quality and able to meet your customers’ expectations. There is room for serving the foods traditionally available at these facilities, such as pizza, chips, ice cream, soda, etc., but you can also add a greater variety of healthy choices for them.

The Healthy Smoothie That Will Increase Check-Ins at Your Recreation Center

Today’s people are more conscious of their diet. And when it comes to recreation centers, one size doesn’t fit all. Your goal should be to provide something unique and versatile to your customers that they can’t get anywhere else.

Increasing business value doesn’t have to be challenging, but it surely requires some understanding of what makes up a positive consumer experience.

DrinkFit is built to help entrepreneurs navigate this challenge. We’re here to give you the opportunity to deliver healthy smoothies that would surely improve your business value.

If you are looking for a new way to encourage your customers to get active and healthy, consider starting a smoothie concession. Smoothies have become increasingly popular over the past few years and can be a great addition to any recreation center.

How Can a DrinkFit Smoothie Bar Benefit Your Recreation Center

DrinkFit Smoothies are Versatile

Customers love choices! Our smoothie kits give customers more control over what they can have. It’s easy for them to choose and add as many or as few ingredients as they want, depending on what tastes good.

Smoothies are not just for snacks anymore. With the right mix of our real fruit concentrate, protein, and enhanced vitamins, your patrons can enjoy a smoothie nutritious enough to be a meal replacement. And to help you give them the absolute best smoothie experience, DrinkFit has put together a balanced menu of the perfect smoothie combinations with recommended boosts.

It all depends on how they make them! And if you have an idea for a new flavor combination, you can talk to us about it!

DrinkFit Smoothies are Healthy

We at DrinkFit know how important your customers’ health is, so we want to help you get there by ensuring every sip counts. Our smoothies are made with real fruit ingredients—no artificial flavors added. It has approximately 215 calories, 20g of sugar, and 20g of protein for 16 oz, which they can modify. The lower the amount of sugar, the less sick they get!

Fun Fact! We use natural Stevia, a natural sweetener with zero calories per teaspoon. It doesn’t convert to glucose in the body; it doesn’t spike your blood sugar and has no side effects of any kind.

However, looking at our smoothies’ high nutritional value is just half the story. We also know that what really matters to consumers is how healthy our smoothies are and how they taste. This is exactly why we spent countless hours perfecting our recipes until we got the taste right.

DrinkFit Smoothies are Convenient

DrinkFit provides the easiest way to start your own smoothie business without any hassle or risk. All you need is a sink, 3 basins, an ice maker, and a working blender! We won’t let you go through the hassle of finding the perfect accessories; we will offer a kit that contains everything necessary — including spoons, pumps, plastic cups, and a customizable menu — when you take advantage of our full installation system. We also use PET cups and lids for our smoothies, which are recyclable, and our boost jugs are HDPE plastic that is BPA-free and recyclable as well.

DrinkFit smoothie mixes can also be stored unopened for up to one year without losing flavor or nutrition. They don’t need to be refrigerated or frozen before or after use or opening, so they can be in any location where there is room for them.

DrinkFit has a proven formula for success. We aim to provide healthy concoctions to as many people as possible while bringing greater profitability to our partners. Now, we want you to help us do that.

Let DrinkFit Help You Build a Better Community

As a recreation facility manager, you have an important role to fill in the lives of the people in your local community. Providing your patrons with the best possible experience will not only help you build a great rapport with them but also strengthen brand/facility awareness, leading to increased membership and increased recreation center usage.

DrinkFit’s purpose is to provide enhanced health, vitality and well-being to our customers through our healthy and delicious smoothies, that’s why we’ve partnered with various recreation centers that help our youth live a wholesome, dynamic lifestyle.


Target Age Group: 18-22

Many universities have recreation centers that their students can use. These centers often include gyms, pools, and other fitness equipment such as treadmills and ellipticals. These centers may be free or require a small fee per semester or year.

Recreational facilities are an essential component of every university for they ensure that our young ones have healthy outlets for their creativity and energy, both of which are crucial for the long-term improvement of the community. These youth-oriented facilities enhance skills like self-discipline, leadership, and self-confidence.

Why a University Needs a DrinkFit Smoothie Bar

A study published in the Journal of American College Health reported that 30% of American college students are at risk of dropping out due to poor eating habits. Another report from Active Healthy Kids found that 80% of college students fail to eat fruits and vegetables daily, which is particularly problematic since poor diet has been linked with adverse health outcomes such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and certain types of cancer.

DrinkFit understands how it can be hard to eat well when you’re a student, making smoothies a great offering since they’re an easy way to get nutrients. Smoothies are also easy to make—perfect for busy mornings when students are running late and packed with fruits rich in vitamins and minerals, which can keep them healthy.

Consequently, DrinkFit expanded its reach and has been a proud partner of Bradley University for over 3 years now, providing a wide variety of healthy and delicious smoothies from which students can choose. Our smoothies can be found at Jerry’s Juice Bar in the Markin Family Student Recreation Center on campus, where they mostly offer an assortment of fresh and nutritious pre- or post-workout snacks and salads.

Bradley University students truly value the convenience of DrinkFit smoothies. They express appreciation for our menu that allows them to customize their smoothies to make them healthier and tastier according to their nutritional preferences and extras that let them try new things.

And since we do the work for our partners—planning, start-up, marketing, accessories—all for free, Randy Largent, the Aramark Retail Director at Bradley University, could stay on top of everything from handling operations to inventory control. As intended, DrinkFit gave Bradley University a strong solution to address the health demand among students and the opportunity to create a long-term and memorable experience for its students.

Community Centers

Target Age Group: All ages

A community center is also sometimes called a neighborhood center or a community hall. Most cities have at least one community center that provides after-school programs for children, sports leagues for adults, swimming lessons, and children’s summer camp leagues. The city may also rent this facility to community groups like the Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts of America.

Why A Community Center Needs a DrinkFit Smoothie Bar

A DrinkFit smoothie bar is surely a great way to attract new participants, increase patron numbers, and even enhance the value of the community center.

It adds versatility and convenience to the center’s menu, which can be beneficial in multiple ways.

  • Smoothies can help kids eat more fruits! Some of them don’t enjoy eating fruits on their own because they don’t taste very good or they don’t like how they feel in their stomachs, but when blended together, these ingredients form something delicious and easy to digest!
  • It encourages adult members to take ownership of their health and wellness by deciding what goes into their bodies.

DrinkFit is in a mutually beneficial partnership with Reeves County Recreation Center, where you can find our smoothies in The Rec’s Nutrition Bar. We provide them access to our smoothie line of real fruits and healthy boosts with the sole mission of helping them develop their existing menu and make it more memorable and flexible to the demands of their patrons.

Through our healthy and tasty products, we help our partners foster a stronger foundation and branding, as well as give a new meaning to delightful experiences.


Target Age Group: Youth

A sportsplex is a community-based indoor and outdoor venue that provides a wide range of activities for people of all ages, such as soccer, field hockey, and lacrosse. Many sportsplexes are located near college campuses or in suburban areas, where large groups of people can benefit from using the facilities.

Why A Sportsplex Needs a DrinkFit Smoothie Bar

With the summer months coming up, it’s time to think about increasing revenue at your sportsplex. Starting a DrinkFit smoothie bar is a great way to do this since it’s cost-effective, easy to set up, and can be made with inexpensive ingredients and accessories that we will supply you with!

Smoothies are also good for athletes because they make them feel full faster, so they do not have to eat as much during their breaks. They are easily digestible, have little to no sugar content, and have no fat or cholesterol.

In line with this, DrinkFit has always looked for partners who share our passion for healthy living and desire to help others live healthier lives. We have taken what we learned from consumer demands over the years and created a smoothie line that caters specifically to their needs by using only natural ingredients that are good for their health and delicious at the same time.

Unlike many other smoothie concessions, there is no minimum order requirement at DrinkFit – all partners can purchase as many or as few supplies as they need to fit their business needs. We are a brand that you can count on getting superior quality real fruit ingredients, excellent service, and attention. You also don’t have to worry about marketing your smoothies, for we will provide you with customized materials for FREE; the only thing left is to get started on your journey to success.

Accidentally damaging your materials? Running out of supplies? Relax! Our friendly team will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about our products or services. Just contact us and let us know how we can help, and we will send it at no cost, no hassle. We understand that your time is valuable, so we’ll do everything possible to ensure your business runs smoothly and on time.

This approach has served us well over our 8-year history, and we believe it’s what’s going to continue to set us apart.

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