Learn about your return options, shipping guidelines, and how to track your order’s status.

If you’re located in Pennsylvania (PA), it normally takes just one day. Orders outside of PA may take 2-4 business days. An estimated delivery date will be given once the packages are in transit the next day after orders are received.  

We don’t ship abroad right now, but we are working on it! We want to be able to send our smoothies to everyone around the world, so we’re making sure that our supply chain is ready for it. We hope to be able to offer international shipping in the future.

Yes. You will be sent a FedEx tracking number via email when your order is shipped. You can also click the link provided that redirects you to a portal where you can see all the information regarding your order, including the status, tracking number, and estimated delivery time.

Customers can email us their concerns and issues regarding our products, and we will gladly process the pick-up via FedEx Ground Call tag. 

We deliver to any state in the U.S., with the exception of South America, Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, and Post Office (P.O.) addresses.

If you’re in either of these places/states and interested in getting a smoothie bar delivered to your door, just let us know. We’ll work with you to make sure it happens!

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