A Partnership Rekindled

Why Gold’s Gym Hamilton Mill Switched Back To DrinkFit®


  • We had the privilege of serving Gold’s Gym Lawrenceville for 8 years, until its sale in 2022.
  • Their deep familiarity with DrinkFit® products and services was cultivated through years of collaboration.
  • On the other hand, the journey with Gold’s Gym Hamilton Mill took a slightly different trajectory, opting for our competitor’s offerings.

  • However, in 2020, after thoroughly evaluating their operations, they made the strategic decision to switch back to DrinkFit®.

Rema Khashan

General Manager, Gold’s Gym, Hamilton Mill

“”They are really easy to make. The recipe card is easy to follow. It’s one of the first things for me is to teach new employees. And the menu card for the members is really easy to follow for them to order any shakes they want.””

“Our members love the taste. We get great feedback from all of the members to all the smoothies of DrinkFit.”

In this video, Joan talks about how it’s easy for them to follow the DrinkFit® recipe card and menu, our *free shipping offer, and the awesome taste that their members love!

*2-Day FedEx delivery

What prompted this switch?

  • Following the challenges posed by the pandemic, Gold’s Gym Hamilton Mill had limited staff availability, with new employees taking on additional responsibilities.

  • In line with this, the previous competitor’s smoothie-making process proved time-consuming and complicated, pushing their desire for a streamlined and more efficient solution.

How did DrinkFit® address their concerns?

Easy Use

DrinkFit® provided a streamlined and efficient solution. The straightforward steps involved in preparing DrinkFit® smoothies made it easy for staff members to learn and master the process quickly.

This ease of preparation not only saved valuable time but also ensured a consistent and quick service for gym members. By eliminating the need for complex procedures, DrinkFit® simplified operations, allowing the staff to focus on providing excellent customer service and meeting the demands of their members efficiently.

“DrinkFit is just so easy!… If nothing else, they can make a smoothie!”

Joan Ferrante, General Manager of Gold’s Gym Hamilton Mill

Low Price Point

Another significant factor that worked in favor of DrinkFit® was its affordable price point. Gold’s Gym Hamilton Mill recognized the importance of balancing quality with cost-effectiveness, especially during the post-Covid recovery period when financial considerations were crucial.

DrinkFit® offered a competitive pricing structure that made it a viable choice for the gym. The low price point allowed the gym to provide value to their members while maintaining profitability. By choosing DrinkFit®, Gold’s Gym Hamilton Mill could offer high-quality smoothies at an affordable price.

The Hassle-Free Switch Back to DrinkFit®

We were fully committed to ensuring a seamless transition for the gym, going above and beyond to assist them every step of the way. In addition to our unwavering support, we provided them with various materials to facilitate the switch, including:

Menu Board

We provided Gold’s Gym Hamilton with a comprehensive menu board that shows off all our flavors, sizes, and boost options. Now, gym members can easily choose the flavor that fits their taste and mood.


With these coupons, Gold’s Gym members are in for exciting perks and savings. It’s the ultimate way to show them some love and keep them coming back for more.

Punch Cards

These give Gold’s Gym the power to treat their loyal customers like smoothie royalty. After they make nine purchases, they’ll score a FREE smoothie on the house.

Handout Brochure Menus

These handout brochure menus are a unique way to promote their DrinkFit® smoothie menu and make it easy for their customers to have clear-cut directions on what smoothie they should order.

Nutrition Manual

This manual is Gold’s Gym’s go-to resource for delving deeper into everything they need to know about the different nutrients in DrinkFit® products.

We also included these FREE accessories

  • Holder for Handout Brochure Menus – We give this holder to make it easier for them to carry and organize their handout brochure menus.
  • Stir Spoon for Peanut Butter – This is an excellent tool for our peanut butter; very practical and easy to use without compromising its taste.
  • Holder for Punch Cards – We gave them a punch card holder to make it easier to carry and organize their punch cards.
  • Can Opener for Peanut Butter – This high-quality can opener makes opening a breeze.
  • Serving Tray for Samples – This serving tray ensures their smoothies are displayed and served perfectly.

This decision to switch back to DrinkFit® indicates Gold’s Gym Hamilton Mill’s strong level of trust and confidence in our brand. It demonstrates their recognition of the superior quality and effectiveness of our products, prompting them to realign their business with the proven benefits and exceptional results that DrinkFit® offers.

We are proud to have won back their loyalty and to once again be their chosen partner in achieving their business goals.

To gain better understanding of their gym members’ reactions following the switch from competitor X to DrinkFit®, we reached out to Joan Ferrante, the General Manager of Gold’s Gym Hamilton Mill and a valued partner in our collaboration. Here is Joan’s response:

“We thought there would be backlash with the change. But only a small a small fraction did. They just transitioned. Wasn’t a lot of grumbling. Wasn’t that hard at all”

Bottom Line

At DrinkFit®, our core values of Low sugar, Easy Use, and Low Cost serve as the foundation of our company and have been instrumental in driving our success.

These principles not only shaped our business but also made our new partners’ switching process worth the effort.

We’re proud to stand out in several key areas, offering high-quality ingredients that result in delicious and healthy smoothies, catering to the needs of busy lifestyles.

With DrinkFit®, you can experience the perfect balance of affordability (1/2 the cost), efficiency (1/3 the time), and health consciousness (1/4 the sugar), making it an optimal choice for all your smoothie needs.

If you want to learn more about our successful partnership with Gold’s Gym branches, we encourage you to visit our dedicated Gold’s Gym Richland page. Discover how DrinkFit® has made a positive impact on their operations and member satisfaction.

If you want to explore a potential partnership with us, visit our full installation page. Alternatively, you can directly contact our team, and we will be more than happy to assist you every step of the way.

Join us in revolutionizing the world of healthy and convenient smoothie solutions by partnering with DrinkFit® today!