Prioritizing Member Satisfaction

Why Gold’s Gym Richland Switched to DrinkFit as Their Preferred Supplier


  • Gold’s Gym Richland has encountered concerns surrounding its smoothie bar operations, including:

    • Long preparation time
    • Low profit margin
    • Complicated smoothie recipes
  • They were in search of a new smoothie provider, and that’s precisely where DrinkFit stepped in.

  • Initially, they expressed worries about switching to DrinkFit, fearing that their members might perceive the puree differently from the original freeze-dried fruit they had and be opposed to shifting suppliers.

  • Gold’s Gym Richland management conducted a blind taste test among their members and found that the majority of participants expressed great satisfaction with DrinkFit’s flavors. In fact, 100% loved our chocolate-peanut butter and pina colada options.
  • This exceptional response led Gold’s Gym Richland to switch to DrinkFit, demonstrating the powerful impact of changing people’s perspectives.

  • With DrinkFit, Gold’s Gym successfully switched to a new smoothie bar in a remarkably short timeframe of just 1 month.

  • This partnership has been a stress-free experience for Gold’s Gym, showcasing the unwavering reliability of DrinkFit in meeting and fulfilling the needs of Gold’s Gym, both before and after their opening date.

Abigail Johnson

Gold’s Gym Richland Retail Manager

“Since making our change (to DrinkFit), we have more than tripled in our sales, our members are so happy with the larger sizes and the better value of our product with the supplements already added in, and they’re really loving the great taste of all the flavors options available.”

Discover how our exceptional smoothies have become an integral part of Gold’s Gym Richland’s success as Abigail Johnson, Retail Manager, raves about the incredible benefits they bring to their members.

DrinkFit proved highly effective in resolving Gold’s Gym pain points, resulting in remarkable success.

  • We managed to triple their sales, increasing their daily smoothie count from 10 to an impressive 20-30.

  • Members are delighted with the new flavor options and sizes.

  • The addition of supplements has been a hit, particularly the option to add protein.

  • The amazing taste of DrinkFit smoothies have further contributed to the overall satisfaction and positive feedback from Gold’s Gym’s members.

  • Pure Protein and Monster Gainer are the top choices for smoothies. When it comes to flavors, Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Banana stand out as the most sought-after choice among their valued members.

  • The updated inventory has significantly made the operations convenient for Gold’s Gym employees, with fewer items to handle and monitor.

  • In just 20 days since their start, members have already eagerly redeemed their punch cards.

Low Cost, Easy Use, & Low Sugar > Change Pain

While it’s understandable and normal to experience some worries during the switch, the benefits of low cost, easy use, and low sugar more than compensate for the effort involved in the transition process.

Our Collaborative Support

We proudly support Gold’s Gym by providing them with valuable materials. Our collaboration involved delivering the following supplies and tools to enhance their smoothie business:

Customized Menu Board

We have designed a 4-panel menu board for Gold’s Gym based on their Retail Manager, Abby’s specific instructions.

16 & 24oz Smoothie Cups

With the introduction of the customized 16 and 24 oz cups, we’ve expanded Gold’s Gym members’ options beyond the traditional 20oz size, ensuring that every sip aligns perfectly with their hydration goals.

Bottle Display Shelves

These bottle display shelves created extra space for their setup while enhancing the presentation of their products.

“$3 Thursdays” and “Free Smoothie” Coupons

We created exclusive coupons for Gold’s Gym, handling the design, printing, and free shipping of the coupons.

Handouts and Punch Cards

In addition to the coupons, we also created and delivered complimentary smoothie handouts and punch cards.

Punch Cardboard

An enlarged version of the punch card to display at Gold’s Gym, ensuring that walk-in members can quickly notice it and potentially inquire about the smoothie options.

Vertical Board in Their Free-Standing Juice Bar Sign

We additionally created a vertical free-standing juice bar sign using their menu layout template and incorporating the approved background as per their management’s specifications.

Nutrition Manual

This comprehensive Nutrition Manual presents detailed information about the nutritional content of DrinkFit offerings, including purees, liquids, powders, and boosts.

Small Countertop Menu Boards

We also supplied small menu countertop menu boards to facilitate smooth and efficient smoothie operations, serving as a handy guide for their staff.

Captivating Gold’s Gym Members

We are dedicated to more than just Gold’s Gym; we prioritize finding innovative ways to entice their members to visit our smoothie bar, such as utilizing these materials:

Digital marketing assets

These digital assets act as a powerful catalyst, inspiring members to elevate their fitness journey with Gold’s Gym smoothies.

Standup banner

This eye-catching stand-up banner showcases the incredible benefits and better value that Gold’s Gym members can now enjoy through their new range of refreshing and nourishing smoothies.

Monthly specials

Each month, we assist Gold’s Gym in releasing specials that aim to entice members to explore new smoothie combinations, discover ingredient pairings, and boost their smoothie experience to new heights.

If you’re interested in discovering more about our successful endeavors with other Gold’s Gym branches, we encourage you to visit our Gold’s Gym Hamilton Mill page.

For those considering a partnership with us, explore our comprehensive full installation page for detailed information, or feel free to contact us directly for any further inquiries you may have.

We’re here to provide you with the best opportunity and support possible.