Why DrinkFit Smoothie Flavors Are Always in Season


June 20, 2023



Wait, who said you shouldn’t think and drink? Who said smoothies shouldn’t be a serious option for making healthy workout nutrition as convenient as possible? This philosophy led us to create a line of low-sugar, high-protein, nutrient-rich smoothies using only natural ingredients and NO artificial sweeteners, flavors, or other gimmicks. Just honest-to-goodness fruit taste.

If you want to start a smoothie juice bar business, your best bet is to choose a perfect flavor that tastes great, and that people will go crazy for. Thing is, there are so many different smoothie flavors out there, and each of these flavors has something different, which makes them all unique in their own way.

That’s why we made sure our flavors are always on point.

We’re not constantly trying to reinvent the wheel with new ingredients and flavors that no one has tried before but still, our customers keep coming back for more! The secret? It’s in simplicity. We know what works, and we stick with it.

In addition to being delicious, there are a few reasons why our smoothie flavors are always in season and continue to be:

We use real fruit, no artificial flavors

Our Fruit First TM smoothie products use 100% real fruit and no artificial flavors or colors, so you can really taste the difference. We prepare our smoothies using fresh fruits like mango, banana, strawberrie, and pineapple, wild berry, and pomegranate that are hand-picked at their peak ripeness. Our fruits are just pure goodness!

drinking strawberry smoothie

Our fruit concentrates provide a natural sweetness and freshness that you just can’t get from artificial flavors or extracts. You’ll get the full flavor and nutrition of the fruit in every sip. You can also add other healthy options such as a fat-free Greek yogurt, or vegetables, such as spinach or kale, to make your amazing smoothies even healthier.

It’s low in sugar

Our smoothie fruit mixes have only 14 grams of sugar per serving and are sweetened with a combination of fruit and stevia. Most other commercial smoothies contain up to 80 grams of sugar or more! Almost like two cans of carbonated beverages! Click here to learn more about our sugar content and its relation to health.

Low sugar

High in protein

Our smoothies are high in protein. We use whey protein concentrate (WPC 80) as a source, which is particularly beneficial for customers who engage in regular physical activity, such as athletes or fitness enthusiasts. It also promotes muscle growth and repair, helping people recover faster from their workouts.

muscle-building smoothies

Uses stevia

We use stevia instead of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or other artificial sweetener. Stevia is a natural sweetener from the stevia plant’s leaf. It’s up to 300 times sweeter than sugar but with zero calories, so it’s great for people who are on a low-carb diet or just want to cut back on sugar.

DrinkFit logo with stevia leaf

A lot of people think that all plant-based sweeteners are healthy, but not all of them are. For example, agave nectar has been touted as a healthy alternative to sugar because it has a lower glycemic index than honey and maple syrup, two other natural sweeteners that have been around for centuries. However, agave is much higher in calories than honey or maple syrup and doesn’t contain any nutrients your body needs. Stevia is different because it contains important vitamins like vitamin K and vitamin B complex, which help you maintain energy levels. Unlike table sugar, it also does not cause a rapid increase in blood sugar levels.

Our smoothie purees are gluten-free, dairy-free, lactose-free, soy-free, vegan, and kosher!

We offer plenty of amazing options for those with dietary restrictions. Our smoothies purees are free of gluten, dairy-free, vegan, and kosher! No matter your tastes, we have something perfect to please everyone at the breakfast table. We want all our customers to feel valued and respected, regardless of their dietary preferences, restrictions, or moral perspectives.

They taste great

DrinkFit smoothie flavors are delicious and healthy, and they’re something you want to have every day. They can be enjoyed as a snack, but they can also replace all or part of your meal. They’re also great for kids and adults who want to boost their fruit and vegetable intake, lose weight or just stay healthy.

Carefully chosen fruits

We pick flavors with love. Each smoothie blend is an explosion of flavor that leaves you wanting more! We carefully select each fruit that goes into our smoothie line based on its flavor, texture, and nutritional value. We believe every ingredient should serve a purpose and contribute to the overall taste and quality of the drink.

While some fruits may be perfectly healthy and tasty, they may not always pair well with other smoothie flavors. By excluding certain fruits out, we’re able to create a more cohesive and satisfying sipping experience.


From classic fruit blends to indulgent dessert-inspired drinks, our smoothie bar got something for everyone.

But what sets our smoothies apart is their versatility. Each DrinkFit smoothie blend is unique.

We’re all about making your drink just the way you like it. We understand that everyone has different tastes and dietary needs, which is why we offer various customizable options for each of our smoothie flavors.

For example, if you prefer a sweeter smoothie, we can add more natural sweetener (stevia). We can protein powder or cream base if you want to make your smoothie more filling. And if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, you can add (yogurt), substitute or omit certain ingredients to ensure your smoothie is safe and enjoyable.

Additionally, our menu includes a variety of add-ins that you can use to boost the flavor and nutrition of your drink. From fat burners, and glutamine, to creatine, we’ve got a range of options that can be added to any smoothie to make it truly unique.


At DrinkFit, we believe that the best drinks are made easy from the best ingredients. In a world of ever-changing food trends and fad diets, our smoothie flavors continue to stand the test of time. What makes them timeless is their simple, yet powerful combination of whole, nutritious ingredients that taste great and make you feel good.

What also truly makes our smoothies timeless is the joy and satisfaction they bring to our partners and customers. Whether you’re stopping by for a post-workout refreshment, a mid-day pick-me-up, or a healthy breakfast snack, our smoothies are the perfect solution. They’re delicious, easy, convenient, and good for you – a timeless combination that never goes out of style.

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