How to Start a Smoothie Business: 7 Steps, Get Your Capital Back in 40 Days

When I was a kid, my mom would always make me blended fruit drinks after school. She’d give me a drink with some fruit—usually strawberries or raspberries—and she’d put some yogurt in it too, along with honey or syrup. It was the best thing in the world when she made them for me!

So now that I’m an adult, I’m looking to start my own juice and smoothie bar. I know I’m joining the smoothie industry that has grown immensely since 2015. It’s projected to be in full throttle until 2026. The average investment is between 1,500 and 3,500 USD, and you are expected to break even in as early as 40 to 60 days! The annual revenue and profit margins are two to three times the cost of materials, depending on your location.

Starting a smoothie business can be a great way to get into the health and wellness industry and make some extra cash for your business bank account, but it’s important to take the time to do your research.

You can start a smoothie business from scratch or complement an existing business such as a gym, rec center, or coffee shop.  The main requirement is a genuine interest in healthy refreshments.

We’re here to help you get started. Here are a few things you need to start a smoothie business:

Smoothie Equipment

The first step in embarking on a new venture is securing your equipment. This includes a blender, ice crushers/ice machines, and a three-basin sink. You should also invest in a good-quality blender pitcher with a handle.

You can find these items online or at local stores selling kitchenware. If you’re starting your business from home, finding everything you need at one store may be easier than searching for each item individually.

The great news is you can start small. For as low as 2,000 USD, you can get fine-quality equipment that should keep you going.

Smoothie Bar Location

Location is one of the most important factors in starting most businesses. You have to be able to find a commercial space that is easily accessible by customers and is not too expensive. You can start to prepare smoothies as a food truck or smoothie truck vendor or set up a shop at a retail location like a grocery store or farmers market.

As far as establishing your brand and business structure, your business must have an identity that people can relate to. Establishing your business online presence will help you build credibility, establish your brand’s identity and attract potential clients.

You can create a website using various platforms, including WordPress or Squarespace, or use one of their templates to build a professional-looking site at little or no cost. You can also use some of their free templates to get started without paying anything upfront.

Drinkfit is currently looking to partner with fitness clubs, gyms, coffee shops, and rec centers because our current partnerships with these businesses are highly successful.

Nonetheless, juice bars do well in various locations, such as relaxed places like universities, yogurt and ice cream shops, tanning clinics, nutrition shops, and co-working spaces.

Site Selection Tips for Starting a Smoothie Business

Non-competition Agreement

It’s best if there are no local competitors and you are the only one selling smoothies in the building. If possible, sign a non-competition clause with the building management before starting your smoothie business.

Conduct a Market Development Study

If you are thinking of getting a location, observe the foot traffic during different hours of the day and on weekends and weekdays. Take note of when people go to the gym or take a break from their offices.

Ask around to learn business trends of the smoothie market throughout the year. Schools, for instance, take a break during the summer. So, nearby businesses have three months of low activity.

Also, observe the dominant population. Gymgoers, children, young professionals, office workers, real estate brokers, start-up entrepreneurs, Millennials, Gen-Z, and networking professionals, are more likely to visit for refreshments.

Smoothie Essentials

Smoothie recipes vary greatly depending on what type of smoothie you are making. Some smoothies include just one or two fresh produce ingredients, while others can include up to five different ingredients (smoothie bowls). The most common ingredients used in smoothies are fruits. A good starting kit should contain a little bit of everything and more of the bestsellers. It should keep you stocked for a few weeks, and anticipating a great first week.

Drinkfit’s starter pack includes Fruit First Smoothie Mixes such as BananaStrawberryWild BerryPina ColadaMango, and Pomegranate. It also features Chocolate and Peanut Butter Pumpable Smoothie Mixes and Powdered Smoothie Mixes in Whey Protein, Mocha, and Creamer.

Smoothie Boosts for energy, fat burn, vitamin, glutamine, and fiber are also included, as well as 1,200 counts of straw and 1000 counts each of lid, 16-ounce cups, and 24-ounce cups.

All these start up costs less than 1,500 USD!

Are you a gym, rec center, or coffee shop?

If you are a gym, rec center, or coffee shop, Drinkfit is very interested in partnering with you and is happy to provide a good business model with FREE INSTALLATION KIT that packs all your smoothie juice bar essentials such as:

  • One powder bin label set
  • 500 punch cards
  • 100 99cent coupons
  • 100 free coupons
  • 100 BOGO coupons
  • 100 handout brochure menus
  • One holder for handout brochure menus
  • One holder for punch cards
  • One can opener for peanut butter
  • One stir spoon for peanut butter
  • One serving tray for samples
  • Nutrition manual
  • Custom Marketing Materials

Nonetheless, our best gift to everyone who wants to carry Drinkfit is our healthy, low-sugar, and delicious smoothies that keep people coming back.

Business Plan for Starting Smoothie Businesses

A business plan is a written document used to describe your business’s goals, strategies, steady growth, business insurance, and the future. It will help you identify your business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, new marketing strategies, and customer expectations. A good business plan will also help you to identify potential funding sources.

A well-written business plan allows you to see your business from the outside. It allows you to look at your own smoothie business as an outsider might see it and be realistic about its strengths and weaknesses before investing any more time or money into it.

Drinkfit can provide you with a wealth of marketing and profitability studies regarding profit margin and all the essential marketing and operational materials so that you can start the business in a couple of weeks.

Local Licenses

You’ll need to check with your local government for the specific business licenses and permits you need. This type of permit is required in most states, counties, and cities to ensure that your business follows all the local health department laws related to selling food and drinks.


It is important to consider the branding of your business line. A brand is more than just a logo and name. A good brand reflects the personality of your business and how you want new customers to feel when they visit.

Branding will be on everything you use to promote yourself: your website, social media platforms for digital marketing, business cards, and even the physical look of your store. You want people to know they are getting an experience uniquely yours.

In DrinkFit, we will help you design materials with your branding. The logo, marketing plan, smoothie bar menu, coupons, and brochure must be designed according to your brand.

Smoothie Shop and Juice Bar Concepts

The design of your smoothie bar is very important to attract customers, so you should consider this as the business owner. It can be designed in many ways, but some designs are better than others. Some of the popular designs of successful smoothie business include:


This type of smoothie bar has an informal atmosphere with few decorations, such as plants or music posters on the wall. The laid-back style is appropriate for casual restaurants that serve typical American fares such as burgers and fries, but it is not suitable for fine dining establishments that serve high-quality organic snacks and food prepared by highly trained chefs.


One of the best ways to attract customers is with a funky design. For example, if you have an orange and green color scheme in your store, why not line the walls with mirrors? This will make the space look bigger and brighter while giving it a slightly retro feel or island-inspired atmosphere. To add more character to your store, you can add a few decorative touches, like plants on shelves or pictures on walls or graphic icons on the flavorful menu items.


Modern concepts match most gyms and most smoothie bars. It attracts yuppies who love both. If you have the budget, wooden tables can make your smoothie bar look very high-end. You can also get them in various colors or stained in different shades of brown or red.

A lot of smoothie bars also have elements such as plants and rocks around the store because they make customers feel like they are outside while still being indoors. This helps create a more relaxed atmosphere at your store, attracting more customers over time. Modern art is also popular among many businesses because it makes spaces look unique and interesting without being too distracting from what is happening inside the store.


Minimalism is a popular design style that has been used for years by many smoothie bars (such as Jamba Juice, Smoothie King, and Tropical Smoothie Cafe) around the world. Minimalism is characterized by simple shapes and geometric patterns that help to make an object stand out from the rest of its surroundings. You can use simple colors and shapes with minimal graphics or images. This will make it easier for customers to focus on their drinks instead of being distracted by flashy figurines, images, or text.

Co-Branding with DrinkFit

Branding is essential to increase your perceived value. A recognized name is likely to attract customers, even if the store is new in the area. It also encourages trust and following.

However, it takes time to establish a brand and create recall. It’s also expensive and time-consuming to stage market research and develop a brand kit containing text and visuals that relate to the market and product best. The process often requires several professionals, from marketing consultants to visual artists.

When starting a smoothie business, a practical option is to co-brand with an established brand like DrinkFit.

Co-branding involves utilizing multiple brand names as part of a strategic alliance. The most famous co-branding in the world right now is McDonald’s BTS meals, which upped the sales of chicken nuggets by 1000%. Meanwhile, Travis Scott’s 6 USD Meals caused a shortage of quarter-pounders.

In co-branding, two brands contribute their strengths to increase the product’s perceived value.

When you partner with Drinkfit, we will provide you with the essential smoothie juice bar marketing materials.

You can choose how much of DrinkFit to showcase as you introduce your brand. We’ll provide a base recipe for your smoothies; you can choose to use that or make any changes you want. We’ll also help you with promotional materials if needed. This way, your customers will get to know you.

Best Strategies for Starting a Smoothie Business

A smoothie business is a profitable supplement to an existing venture. It is easy to set up and convenient to maintain. And you can have a break even analysis in 40 days. With all these benefits and growth opportunities, it’s no wonder that more and more people are starting small businesses around smoothies. The good news is that starting a smoothie business is not as hard as one might think. Here are some of the proven strategies:

  • Keep your area clean and organized. Maintain a relaxing and inviting vibe.
  • Be on top of things. Make sure customers are served nicely and promptly. Engage with your patrons. Keep them happy, so they bring their friends. Remember, people come in for drinks. They come back to relax and socialize.
  • Create a memorable experience for the five senses.
  • Pay attention to music. Play something enjoyable for everyone. See to it that your place looks pleasing and smells fresh always.
  • Keep your product consistent. Stick to the suggested servings. Bring out your smoothie at its ideal temperature. You have one job, which is to craft a great drink to promote healthier lives.
  • You should also look into getting business grants for your smoothie business. There are many different types of small business loan out there — some are specific to certain industries, while others are open to anyone who wants to fund for their personal finances.
  • Hire employees, train them, and keep them happy and well-rewarded, so they extend the same positivity to your target market.
  • Be on top of your inventory—stock up on your bestsellers. Anticipate events that will bring in more people and be ready.