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May. 08, 2023

The popularity of fast-food smoothies has steadily increased over the past few years. While smoothies have always been a staple in the diet of many people, they are now becoming more popular than ever.

Restaurants With Smoothies


Apr. 27, 2023

As the days grow longer and the first blossoms of spring emerge, there’s a palpable shift in the air—a renewed sense of hope and excitement that invigorates both the mind and the spirit.

Why Spring Is the Best Time to Open a Smoothie Bar

Romellaine Arsenio

Jul. 12, 2021

The best thing about owning a smoothie juice bar is showcasing the fun side of you and creating a chill place that can lift everyone’s mood. Finding the order too tall? Here’s a cheat sheet with 50 Smoothie Juice Bar Ideas.

Smoothie Bar Ideas