Choosing the Right Smoothie Franchise


February 6, 2024


Choosing the Right Smoothie Franchise

From big cities to small towns, smoothie bars’ refreshing and healthy appeal is increasingly widespread, leading to a rising market demand. These outlets are becoming the go-to places not just for fitness enthusiasts seeking nutritious post-workout refreshments but also for people embracing healthier lifestyle choices.

But in the last five years, the juice and smoothie franchise business has declined, which was made worse by the pandemic. The temporary closures of these establishments and reduced consumer spending during the pandemic hurt the industry. Additionally, consumers have been concerned about the high sugar content in some smoothies and juices, prompting the industry to adjust its offerings to meet the demand for drinks with less sugar.

Businesses have broadened their offerings to feature healthier, low-sugar products to address this. Although the revenue has experienced a decrease at an average annual rate of 1.1% and settled at $2.7 billion over the last five years, businesses are optimistic as there’s an anticipated slight uptick of 0.6% in revenue for 2023. Furthermore, there’s a positive projection for profit, expected to increase to 4.8% of revenue in 2023 from 4.6% in 2018.

Smoothie Industry Statistics

The International Market Analysis Research and Consulting Group (IMARC Group), which stands as a prominent global authority in providing worldwide market research insights, anticipates the smoothie market to achieve a value of US$ 8,345 Million by 2028, demonstrating a growth rate (CAGR) of 5% between 2023 and 2028.

Factors contributing to this growth include:

  • A shift towards healthier dietary habits.
  • The rising awareness of the benefits of natural and organic ingredients.
  • An increasing number of people are seeking quick and nutritious meal alternatives amidst their busy schedules.
Smoothies Market Report by IMARC

Furthermore, the versatility and range of smoothies also contribute to their popularity, as there is virtually a smoothie for every taste and dietary preference, whether vegan, gluten-free, high-protein, or low-calorie.

The continual rise in global health consciousness among consumers is encouraging more smoothie franchises to burst into the scene, aiming to satisfy the palates of nutrient-seeking smoothie lovers. Thus, the market forecasts suggest a optimistic future for the smoothie bar industry.

Benefits of Smoothie Bars

As an entrepreneur or business owner, it’s just right to take advantage of these benefits for easy success:

Additional Income Stream

When done right, venturing into a smoothie bar can be a successful business endeavor and a highly profitable one. In fact, with strategic planning, efficient operations, and a well-calculated price strategy, the profit margin for a smoothie bar can be remarkably high. A well-run smoothie bar can generate an average profit margin as high as 50%.

Easy to Operate

Operationally, smoothie bars are relatively straightforward compared to conventional restaurants or fast-food outlets. The effortless preparation, simple menus, and minimal staffing make it a go-to business for owners who want less troubleshooting and problem-solving unlike what we often see in larger-scale food service businesses.

Versatile Location Opportunities

Smoothie bars can go anywhere due to their flexible space and equipment requirements. From small kiosks in shopping malls and stands in fitness centers to standalone stores in high-traffic areas, the versatility of location options is vast.

Woman in a Smoothie Bar

How to Know if the Smoothie Franchise Is Worth the Investment

Future investors are presented with an array of franchise options. This can be overwhelming, starting the question: which smoothie franchise is truly worth investing in?

Making this decision requires careful consideration and thorough evaluation of numerous factors determining a smoothie franchise’s potential success and profitability. Here are some of the critical aspects you should consider:

Low Cost

Starting a business comes with its fair share of expenses, and a low-cost franchise can significantly ease the financial burden. You can channel more resources into providing quality marketing and managing, enhancing the overall customer experience. Some established brands may require substantial initial investments, with startup costs reaching up to a hefty $6,000, which, for newcomers in the industry, is quite discouraging.

Some brands offer much lower startup costs, from $1,000 to $2,000, to lessen the burden. This affordable entry-level price makes smoothie franchise ownership more accessible and manageable.

Easy to Use

An easy-to-use franchise system simplifies operations, making it more efficient for both you and your staff. This can lead to smoother day-to-day activities, reduced training costs, and a better customer experience.

Healthy Options

The demand for healthy food options is on the rise. A franchise that focuses on offering nutritious, low-sugar smoothies aligns with the current health-conscious trends, attracting a broader customer base and ensuring long-term relevance.

Customizable healthy smoothies


People love being in control, and the flexibility to customize smoothies empowers customers, making them feel in control of what they consume and enabling them to cater their beverages to their tastes and dietary preferences. This sense of autonomy can be customer-centric and fulfilling.

When choosing a smoothie franchise to invest in, looking for options with a versatile and adaptable menu is essential. Brands that offer an extensive range of flavors can be mixed and matched to create unique and enjoyable smoothies. This will show your commitment to customer satisfaction and respect for individual tastes.


A good indicator of a good franchise is the promise of a return on investment and the potential for significant profit. A successful franchise should ideally offer the opportunity to triple or even quadruple your initial investment, demonstrating its financial viability and stability.

However, profitability should not be the only focus. It should also provide a proven platform for growth and expansion.

Pick a brand that has shown consistent growth over time implies a stable, robust business model and a resilient brand reputation.

Why Drinkfit Is Perfect for You

When evaluating factors for a successful smoothie bar, DrinkFit effortlessly checks all the boxes. This is not an attempt to hard sell; instead, it’s an invitation for you to explore the diverse options available in the market and closely examine what DrinkFit offers.

DrinkFit guarantees low-sugar, easy-use, low-cost smoothie supplies that can enhance business profits. We have data spanning eight successful years to back up this claim.

During this period, DrinkFit has established itself as a dependable supplier for many facilities. We currently have a significant presence across 500 locations in the USA and consistently convert new Gold’s Gym branches to serve our delicious smoothies. This proves DrinkFit’s capacity to rise as an ideal business partner for companies setting any goal, whether health-related, profit boost, customer satisfaction, additional facility revenue, or more.

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Starting your smoothie bar should be as smooth and straightforward as blending the perfect smoothie. To familiarize potential partners with DrinkFit, we offer free samples!

Feel free to taste these samples or arrange a blind taste test in your facility. If you’re new to conducting taste tests, don’t worry – we’ve covered you with a guide to help you through the process.

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