How Make Your Smoothie Menu More Enticing


February 16, 2024


How to Make Your Smoothie Menu More Enticing

As a restaurant or smoothie bar owner, having a smoothie menu that rarely changes can get boring, not just for you but for your customers as well. When you always stick to the same flavors, it might drive your customers to look for a variety of flavors elsewhere.

Serving the same array of flavors daily can create a stagnant experience for your patrons. Remember, a significant part of dining – or sipping – out is the thrill of new dishes, or in this case, new smoothie blends.

So, how can you add some excitement to your smoothie menu? How can you make your list stand out if you’re just opening up or looking to revamp your current offerings?

Introduce New Flavors

Feel free to get creative with your smoothie flavors. It’s all about balance – mixing familiar fruits with unexpected ingredients can create a buzz. Think beyond strawberries and bananas. How about peanut butter and wild berries? Seasonal fruits and veggies can keep the options fresh and exciting, and they’re a great way to introduce new tastes while keeping your smoothie menu lively.

With DrinkFit flavors, you can experiment as much as you want and blend fruit puree favorites with our indulgent liquids – chocolate or peanut butter. If you like some inspiration, you can try our well-loved recipes here. If you have discovered your unique recipes using DrinkFit products, send them to us! You could be featured on our blog and win a whole case of fruit puree! You share, and you win!

Add-Ons for Your Smoothie Menu

As a customer, you always want the best a smoothie bar can offer. Can I add ice? Can I add protein powder? Can I request for more sugar?

Additional ingredients like protein powders, supplements, and boosts can transform a standard smoothie into a personalized treat. Offering a range of add-ons isn’t just about flavor; it’s about letting customers have the smoothie that fits their lifestyle and health needs.

At DrinkFit, we cater to a broad spectrum of preferences with our varied smoothie bases. We offer options such as Cream, Mocha, and Whey, to name a few. Our array of boosts includes Glutamine, Creatine, Fiber, Energy, Fat Burner, and Vitamins.

Smoothie boosts

Offer Surprise Best-Sellers or Promos

Now and then, shake things up by introducing a surprise special that isn’t part of your regular menu. Experiment with new flavors or combinations and judge the customers’ reactions. If a smoothie blend proves popular, consider it for your mainstay offerings. This approach keeps your smoothie menu dynamic and lets you understand your customers’ evolving taste preferences.

An effective promotion we offer is our $3 Smoothie Thursdays, where, as the name suggests, we discount our smoothies from the regular price of $5 to $3 every Thursday. This encourages more purchases, and people eagerly anticipate this day of the week!

DrinkFit $3 Smoothie Thursdays

Make Themed Smoothies According to the Season

Align your offerings with the seasons or holidays to keep things topical and fun. Create a Smoothie of the Month for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, and more. You can also introduce flavors that are in harmony with the season. For instance, citrus-based smoothies can add a bit of sunshine in winter, while cool mango and strawberry blends can be the perfect heat-busters in summer.

Bonus Hack:

Allow customers to Customize Their Smoothies

Let customers customize their smoothies. Everyone craves to be part of something; it fosters a sense of belonging. Our customers are like family, so why not invite them into the creative process of smoothie-making? One way to do this is by letting them mix and match ingredients to create their blend. Offer a variety of fruits, boosters, and liquids to cater to their diverse tastes. This enhances their overall smoothie bar experience and adds an interactive element they’ll love.

Strawberry Piña Colada smoothie recipe

Bottom Line

Your smoothie menu is just one side of your business. While it’s essential, another noteworthy aspect is the quality of service and the healthiness of your smoothies. Ensuring top-notch service and offering nutritious options attract customers and keep them coming back for more. Join us in our goal to promote healthy living through balanced macros. Let your customers experience the benefits of DrinkFit smoothies, formulated to help you nourish your body.

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