The Perfect Blend:

DrinkFit and Gold’s Gym Culpeper’s Dynamic Partnership


  • A long-standing partnership of 8 years and counting.

  • Recognizing the superior quality of our whey protein compared to other providers, they have consistently placed orders, ranging from small quantities to bulk purchases.

  • We provided their unique business needs – custom flavors, high-quality smoothie mixes, add-ons, and marketing support – ensuring that their smoothie bar was well-equipped to meet the demands of their members.

What We Did For Them

As their full installation partner, we are dedicated to providing Gold’s Gym Culpeper with the highest service and support, ensuring their smoothie bar thrives and exceeds member expectations.

  • Add-Ons for Enhanced Variety… from energy boosters to protein powders, we provided an array of options that allowed their members to personalize their smoothies and enjoy an extra nutritional boost.

  • Seasonal Recipes… we provided them with seasonal recipes, allowing them to introduce new and exciting flavors that complemented the time of year.

  • Excellent Customer Service… in 2021, when they ordered cups from Amazon, we went the extra mile and refunded them the price difference between our wholesale cost and Amazon’s price, demonstrating our commitment to providing the best value for their investment. Additionally, we assisted them in tracking the delivery to ensure a smooth and timely arrival.

  • Countertop Menus and Juice Bar Accessories… we replenished their menus and juice bar accessories, including bin label sets, ensuring a seamless experience.

  • Customized Menu Boards and Accessories… our team worked closely with Gold’s Gym Culpeper to create visually appealing and informative menu boards highlighting their new pricing structure while maintaining a consistent brand identity.

  • Introduction of 16oz Smoothies… to cater to varying member preferences, we introduced 16oz smoothies to their menu. This size option allowed their customers to choose a smaller serving for those who desired more fuel or a satisfying post-workout treat.

By providing these comprehensive services and support, we ensured that Gold’s Gym Culpeper had everything they needed to run a successful and thriving smoothie bar within their gym facility.

Enhancing Their Business with Valuable Materials and Supplies

Our collaborative efforts included the delivery of the following materials to simplify their operations:


This menu is tailored to their owner’s design preference.

Nutrition Menu Laminate

This comprehensive menu offers a deep dive into the nutritional composition of our DrinkFit offerings, providing members with valuable information to make informed and delightful smoothie choices.

Menu Laminate

These laminates enable Gold’s Gym members to mix and match their preferred smoothie blend effortlessly. Making the perfect choice has never been easier!

Recipe Laminate

These boards serve as a practical and user-friendly reference, enabling their staff to serve up refreshing smoothies with ease efficiently.

Handouts and Punch Card

We went the extra mile by designing and delivering complimentary smoothie handouts and punch cards, ensuring a delightful experience for members.

Punch Board

This attention-grabbing board ensures that walk-in members can easily spot it, sparking their curiosity about our tantalizing smoothies.


Exclusively for Gold’s Gym, we have crafted custom coupons, taking care of everything from design to printing and even offering free shipping of these special vouchers.

Nutritional Manual

This manual provides in-depth insights into the nutritional composition of DrinkFit offerings. From purees, liquids, and powders, to boosts, a wealth of detailed information is at your fingertips.

16oz Cups

Introducing our tailor-made 16oz cups, we’ve broadened Gold’s Gym members’ choices beyond the conventional 24oz size, ensuring that each sip perfectly aligns with their unique goals.

Our goal was to equip them with the knowledge and supplies necessary to prepare and serve healthy smoothies. Through hands-on support, we empowered their team to deliver excellent customer experiences consistently.

We were delighted to support Gold’s Gym in addressing their concerns, showcasing how our core values of low cost, easy use, and low sugar seamlessly complement their business needs.

Interested to see if we’re the right match for your facility? Contact us now, and we’ll help you get started asap.

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