How to Make Smoothie More Filling + 3 Amazing Recipes

Romellaine Arsenio

November 2, 2021



When do you like to enjoy your smoothie? If you’re taking smoothies in the morning, I’m guessing you’ll want them to fuel you until lunchtime. But sometimes, as early as 10 am, you find yourself craving a full meal or some chips. Having that problem? Here’s how to make smoothie more filling.

How to Make Smoothie More Filling

The biggest secret is always including these three components: fiber, fat, and protein. And this is not only true for smoothies. It’s a must for every breakfast meal that can give you energy, alertness, and focus as you step into your day. And it’s easy to tell if you’re missing something. Ever had a day where you felt less inspired? It can either mean you’re heartbroken or you’re just not getting enough nutrition.


“Eat fiber,” says every dietician ever. So, it must be good for you! 

Yes! Fiber, a type of carbohydrate found in plant-based foods, is not digestible in humans. Although it cannot be digested, it is being moved down the digestive tract as nutrients are being digested. And it can do great things for our health. Fiber helps you lose weight, combat heart disease, and wards off carcinogens. People consuming enough fiber live longer. 

The trouble is, Americans are getting only half the fiber that they need daily. Meanwhile, there is no shortage of fiber-rich food in the groceries. We have fruits, vegetables, brown rice, wheat bread, and the list goes on. The thing is, fiber and flavor seem to be going towards the opposite ends of a spectrum. Fortunately, smoothies are the best way to include fiber in your diet in a delightful way. 

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Fiber in Smoothies

Fruit, fruit purees, veggies, rolled oats, chia seeds, and flaxseeds are great sources of fiber that can easily be added to your favorite morning smoothie. Fruits and fruit purees are what make smoothies delicious. Some vegetables, such as spinach, are undetectable in smoothies but can add good nutrition. Oats give smoothies a fuller and creamier texture. And chia seeds and flaxseeds are the best. Flaxseeds disappear in a smoothie, but a spoonful gives you tremendous amounts of fiber. It is a personal favorite. When I committed to losing weight, I took flaxseed daily. With the help of 6,000 steps a day and black rice, I was shedding a pound daily. 


A small amount of fat is essential in a healthy and balanced diet. The body uses fat as a fuel source and helps the body absorb vitamins A, D, and E, which are fat-soluble. 

Good fats promote a healthy heart, and there are a wealth of options for your morning smoothie—stock up on avocado, peanut butter, and chia seeds.


Your body uses protein to build and repair muscles and bones. You’ll need it most after a workout. While exercise supports muscle growth, the body can only build upon existing muscles if they recover after a workout. Consuming protein after training helps muscles heal and prevents the loss of lean mass. Meanwhile, protein in the morning helps you feel fuller longer.

The easiest way to get protein in your smoothie is through a scoop of protein powder. Greek yogurt is also a good idea.

How to Make Smoothie More Filling? As Promised, Here Are Some Recipes

The Heavenly Lemon Strawberry Smoothie

If you haven’t tried the combination of lemon and strawberry yet, you’re missing half of your life. The sweetness of strawberry balances well with lemon. Every sip feels like the best thing you’ve ever tasted.

You’ll need:

Feel free to add more strawberry puree. Mix in a blender and enjoy the heavenly blend of strawberry and citrus. It’s a must-try. You’ll be surprised.

The Powerful Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

Have a big day coming? Imagine the power of chocolate, peanut butter, and coffee in one fantastic smoothie. It’s the most delicious thing in the world, and it’s guaranteed to give you a burst of energy.  


Blend well and enjoy! Feel the power of chocolate in the morning!

The Rich Triple Berry Smoothie

Berries are a superfood that contains a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They also taste freaking good. You’ll love this guilt-free Tripple Berry Smoothie.

What you’ll need:

Blend and sip away.

Enjoying so far? Bet you are. These three recipes are guaranteed to make your day. And you’re only getting started. The world is full of amazing fruits, purees, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and many good things to explore and enjoy in the kitchen.

Feel free to try and try. Afraid of making a mess? You’ll be a little safer by avoiding these eight common smoothie mistakes.

How to Make Smoothie More Filling? Here are 8 No-nos to Avoid

1. Too many fruits

I did say fruits and fruit purees give life to the smoothie. That doesn’t mean you can pile up a whole lot of them without consequences. Everything is good in moderation. For smoothies, you can combine two fruits or purees. Or three if one of them is banana. Then, you can enrich your flavors and nutrients with protein powder, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and oats. 

2. Too much sugar

Caramel, honey, maple syrup, and agave nectar — these words are so sweet because they’re literally filled with sugar. Even strawberry syrup and chocolate syrup are also sugary. Yet, it’s so easy for us to add them to our drink. It’s almost a habit, though we may not need them at all. Try your smoothie first without them. Chances are your fruit and fruit purees are sweet enough, and you need not add sugar. After all, smoothies are meant to be healthy.

The best sugar substitute? Stevia, a sweet-tasting Asian plant that sweetens your drink with a few pinches. Unlike sugar, stevia does not affect blood glucose or insulin response, making it ideal even for people with diabetes. It also promotes weight control. Stevia is the secret ingredient in Drinkfit Purees. 

3. Not checking your protein powder

Protein powders are very popular nowadays, especially for gym buffs and everyone else on a smoothie diet. But not all protein powders are made equal. Some brands are just made of fluff.

So check the label and make sure that your protein powder is made of high-quality ingredients. Fortunately, Drinkfit Whey Protein Cream is made with almost zero sugar and whey, the best protein for losing weight and building muscles. It is a complete, high-quality protein that contains all essential amino acids.

4. Not having a variety

The first rule in “The 30 Day Smoothie Challenge” is to rotate your ingredients. Going for variety means you’re not missing any nutrition. So much love and passion are devoted to the weekly meal prep. Stocking on quality real fruit purees with the lowest sugar is also a good idea. Drinkfit makes purees from real fruits and preserves their vitamins and nutrients. It also substitutes sugar with stevia, a healthier more natural alternative. You can keep a bottle of Drinkfit for a year.

5. Not upgrading your blender

Don’t get me wrong. If you’re starting your smoothie journey, you’ll be fine with a 29-dollar blender. Of course, you have to bear the occasional ice bits. However, if you’re making smoothies every day and trying to build them with more nutritious ingredients, your life will be much easier with a Classic Blentec Blender that creates a perfect blend in one minute.

6. Not adding protein

If you’re having a “snack smoothie,” you’ll get away with fruits or fruit purees and a bit of milk. But if you want a “meal replacement smoothie” or a “post-workout smoothie,” you’ll need protein to keep you fuller longer or replenish your proteins after working out. Drinkfit Whey Protein Cream provides you the protein that you need and also replaces milk. 

7. Not using ripe fruits

You only get back what you put in. You get good food from high-quality ingredients. 

The easiest way to make luscious smoothies is through natural fruit purees. But if you like to use fresh fruits as well, make sure you add ripe fruits. Adding unripened or overripe fruits can make your smoothie unpalatable.

8. Not Exercising

Taking the “The 30 Day Smoothie Challenge” is a great start to living a healthier life. But it would help if you also had exercise and enough sleep to complete your healthy lifestyle and live a happier and more meaningful life. 


Bonus: Top 6 Must-try Ingredients on Your Next Smoothie

  1. Fruit Purees – a fruit that has been pressed and blended until it reaches the consistency of a creamy paste or liquid. Drinkfit fruit purees preserve the natural qualities of fruits and their vitamins and minerals. They last for a year and are convenient to use in a pumpable bottle. 
  2. Whey Protein – a mixture of proteins isolated from whey, the liquid part of milk that separates during cheese production. It is a complete, high-quality protein containing all of the essential amino acids. It improves muscle strength and helps build a better-looking body.
  3. Banana – a superfood that is rich in potassium, fiber, and natural sugars. You can enjoy a banana smoothie or mix banana with other fruits to create an added layer of sweet creaminess. Banana makes you happy. 
  4. Rolled Oats – a type of lightly processed whole-grain food. They are rich in Vitamin B. Oats are among the healthiest grains on earth. They have high levels of Manganese, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Copper, Iron, and Folate.
  5. Flax Seeds – Flax seeds come from the Flax plant, one of the oldest crops in the world. It has high levels of fiber, protein, and Omega-3. It is highly effective in weight loss and lowering blood pressure. 
  6. Dates – dates are fruits of a palm tree and grow in many tropical regions. It is a uniquely delicious and healthy fruit that is a key ingredient in Middle-eastern delicacies. It is likened to chocolate.

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