Local Smoothie Shops and Gyms That Serve DrinkFit Natural Smoothies

Romellaine Arsenio

August 11, 2021


Fitness Mindset

Hello! My name is Adelle, and six years ago, fitness and real fruit smoothies saved my life! 

I live in North Carolina, where summers are extra hot. And the best feeling in the world is to cool down and chill. It’s nice to drive around scenic mountain roads and enjoy the highlands. That’s what I love to do. Until I met an accident. It was difficult for me to eat. I lost my appetite for food. And with a lack of energy, I lost my appetite for life. 

It was my sister who encouraged me to try fruit smoothies. They were easier to eat. Even if I didn’t have the appetite, the sweet fruity taste triggered delight and excitement and encouraged me to have some more. The refreshment became an excellent meal replacement and source of nutrition for me. 

When I finally bounced back, I committed myself to fitness and fostering a healthier mindset. I traveled locally on weekends, enjoying the lush sceneries. Along the way, I got to know a lot of local smoothie shops and gyms.


local smoothie shops

North Carolina Local Smoothie Shops and Gyms

When summers are extra hot, you need an invigorating cup of fruity goodness in your hands, especially if you’re into hiking and enjoying botanical gardens in the highlands.

Built Better Fitnesssmoothie shops in gyms

Build Better Fitness is a family-owned gym and the most awesome place to grind in Brunswick County.

The 24-hour gym in Shallotte provides state-of-the-art facilities and creates transformations in four aspects: Cardiovascular and Heart Health, Resistance and Strength Training, Injury Prevention, and Empowerment.

They believe that a friendly atmosphere is the best encouragement to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Nautilus Family Fitness Center

If you head over to IG, you’ll know that Nautilus is a fun place. Celebrities visit it, and they have fun TikTok Workouts. They produce tangible results and prepare fit meals along with real fruit protein-based smoothies. Finally, their merch just rocks!

Recore Integrated Wellness

The pursuit of well-being should be fun, evolving, and holistic to excite the spirit and keep the momentum going.

Recore offers a variety of fitness classes that are different every day. They have one-on-one and group sessions with fitspirations, including owner Kelley who prides herself on having the best programming skills, ideas, and mental fortitude.

One of their signature experiences is the oxygen bar that provides 92% pure oxygen mixed with popular aromatherapies and other fun flavors to create a life-changing experience.

Utopia Fitness Center

Utopia Fitness Center literally levels up your gym experience. Alongside your gym essentials, they host activities like wall-climbing to keep things challenging and fun and make you appreciate what you can do with a fit body. 

USA States

South Carolina Local Smoothie Shops

When you live near the beach, a smoothie sounds good every day. 

Carolyn’s Fresh Market and More

Experience the best of South Carolina! Enjoy good food from fresh ingredients at Carolyn’s Fresh Market and More. While you’re at it, cool down with your real tropical fruit Drinkfit smoothies.

New Hampshire 

The colors of nature are like the flavors of smoothies: vibrant and delightful. 

The Zoo

Go all-out or get out! The Zoo is the gym for lively spirits ready to unleash their energy and transform into their best.

Experience The Zoo’s incredible programs that will push you to your limits and release all the fun!

Moreover, the Zoo offers all-natural Drinkfit Smoothies in Concord, Derry, Epping, Goffstown, Manchester, and Machester Express.


The birthplace of basketball is also home to emerging fitness centers poised to make a global mark. 

Choice Fitness

You gym, your journey! Choice Fitness welcomes people of all ages and wants to make working out less intimidating and more comfortable. They have a refreshing ambiance and a clean layout. 

Moreover, they boast a massive selection of state-of-the-art equipment. They get to know their clients’ workout history, as well as their interests, whether it’s strength training, cardiovascular, or kickboxing. They make sure to customize a program that will ease the client in, make them feel comfortable, and enjoy their gym experience.

Choice fitness is the workout home of people from 18 to years old, with varying fitness levels. Amenities like a local smoothie shop, child care, saunas, and steam room enriches their gym experience.

They have branches in Chelmsford, Haverhill, Lowell, Methuen E, Methuen W., North Andover.

New Jersey

Take a sip of the smoothie by the Jersey shore. 

Retro Fitness

Resilience is being able to withstand difficult situations quickly. That is the driving force behind Retro Fitness.

In the 1900s, there were no gadgets and less fast food. People played outside and ate home-cooked meals. 

That is the inspiration behind Retro Fitness. They take you back in time when only 12% of Americans were obese.

Their ultimate goal is to make you feel comfortable in your own skin. Retro Fitness has an honest and straightforward approach to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Retro Fitness also advocates healthy cooking and good mental health. Their very own local smoothie shop, Retro Blends, presents an explosion of nutritious drinks for muscles and fat-burn, and equally wholesome fruit blends and veggie blends. Not to mention their unique signature blends. Retro fitness is powered by Drinkfit.

New York

If you’re not planning to get any sleep, at least have a smoothie. 

Jada Blitz Training

Jada Blitz combines the powers of fitness classes and training programs, physical therapy, and nutrition, such as in shakes, to create real results that they can be proud to share.

They also train athletes for professional competitions.


Maryland is a small town packed with a variety of experiences. If you’re feeling a bit poetic, take a sit and sip a smoothie. 

Forze XXIV Training Gym 

Forze is a place visited by athletes and aspirants because of their experienced and knowledgeable coaches who have something for everyone and can get them where they want to go.

Georgia Local Smoothie Shops

There are so many things to do in Georgia! Whether you are visiting a museum or seeing the Aquarium, don’t forget to stop for hydration! We’ve got you covered. 

Frosty Blendz Cafe

Always in the mood for sprinkles and cones? Then you’ve met your soulmate at Frosty Blendz Cafe.

With real fruits, syrups, and lots of toppings, it’s always a surprise in every lick. BAAAM! You have a brain freeze!

Gold’s Gym 

Hit the gym and your goals! Gold’s Gym is the world’s most iconic fitness brand. With over 600 branches in 6 continents, the gym is a gold standard in the fitness industry.

Drinkfit is a proud partner of several rising Gold’s Gym branches, including Lawrenceville and Hamilton Mill. We are one with Gold’s Gym in upgrading fitness standards by serving only real fruit goodness with the proper nutrition and almost zero sugar.

If you’re a gold’s gym franchise, and you believe that sugar gets in the way of fitness, get in touch with us. We promise you premium smoothie goodness that you can profit from.

House of Smoothie

At local smoothie shop House of Smoothie, it’s just another good day of nutritious food and a life well lived! Ingredients are always fresh from the farm, and their palette is always exciting and vibrant as they create menus that add excitement to healthy living.

Smoothies by Vhee

“Exercise is your king, and nutrition is your queen. Together they create the fitness kingdom.”

-Jack Lalaine

Behind every Olympian is a performance coach, a conditioning coach, and a nutritionist. 

Smoothie by Vhee is here to connect you to fitness with real fruit smoothies that come in an explosion of flavors, including their very own signature delights such as Lada Heart and Strawberry Dream.

Follow them on IG or spot them at Georgia’s farmer’s market.




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