Why Opening a Juice Bar at the Gym is the Future of Fitness

Romellaine Arsenio

August 5, 2021



Opening a juice bar at the gym is a form of premium service that creates a steady add-on income stream. But it’s no longer just a smart option. As more and more gyms open in the country, nurturing a fit lifestyle outside the gym becomes a mission for successful fitness centers.

If you own a gym, and you don’t have a smoothie bar yet, the best time to start was ten years ago. So catch up today with Drinkfit!

From competitors to at-home workout videos, a million things can pull your client the opposite way. You can no longer rely on one coach to build and maintain relationships. The future of fitness is more than just helping people lose a few pounds this month. It is engaging people into a more wholesome lifestyle.

You can supervise people’s workout routine for an hour a day. But for them to achieve their body goals, you need to encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle in the remaining 23 hours. This includes nutrition, hydration, and sleep.

Finally, create a gym that doesn’t feel like a gym. Add the social experience. Utilize indoor and outdoor spaces for training and creating a variety of fitness experiences. Make things fun and meaningful.

Gym Industry Then and NowThe Booming Gym Industry Takes Over

Now is the best time to own a gym.

As people work at home and stay at home, they need fewer clothes and material things. Major fashion retailers and department stores such as Sears, Macy’s, JCPenney, and Bon-Ton took a hit.

Over a hundred Sears branches are closing their doors. And they are meeting a surprising replacement.

Shoppers see more gyms, movie theatres, and sporting goods stores as consumer interest shifts to good health, spending time with loved ones, and playing sports in the backyard.

Gyms are Offering More than Exercise

In real estate terminology, gyms are becoming the new anchors.

Traditionally, a town mall will have a significant retail store like Macy’s or Sears to attract foot traffic for smaller businesses such as food carts and juice bars.

Following the retail apocalypse that began in 2019, gyms are quickly taking over real-estate space. Lifetime Fitness has become Macy’s top replacement. New kinds of health and fitness-related businesses are opening alongside gyms.

Smoothie Chains Turn to Fitness Brands

Smoothie Chains that once relied on mall foot traffic are turning towards fitness brands.

With less crowded food courts, smoothie bars are winning over health-conscious gym-goers instead of thirsty shoppers.

Opening a Juice Bar in a Gym is a Great Idea

The gym and juice partnership is beneficial for both businesses. Gyms attract potential customers and foot traffic. Smoothie shops provide a venue for socialization and become a premium option for getting pre and post-workout drinks.

Fitness brands know their customers by heart, from their demographics to their gym habits. This data can help the fruit smoothie businesses a lot in pricing strategies, crafting an offering, stocking up on the right boosts for gym-goers, and maintaining an ideal inventory level for the foot traffic.

Smoothie Bar in Gym Design

Ten years ago, you opened a gym, and people came in even if your service sucked.

As the industry becomes lucrative, competitors enter the market. Naturally, you want your customers returning and inviting their friends and family over.

There are a lot of ways to stay on top of the game. 

Our best steps are: curate an experience, encourage a lifestyle, and nurture a community.

Map Your Customer Journey

The key to building a relationship and keeping yourself from being commodified is mapping your client’s fitness journey.

In a nutshell, this means curating exercise programs that your clients can do and will love—and laying out a lifestyle that they can keep outside of the gym.

You can be creative about this; some great packages include offering a free quarterly consultation with a nutritionist in your building. Not only can your customers receive diet plans that complement their exercise plan, but they also get educated about nutrition, hydration, sleep, macros, and supplements. These give them a new way to look at things and an enhanced level of consciousness about health and fitness.


How to Open a Smoothie and Juice Bar in an Existing Gym

Educating your customer is also the first step in raising your customer on the value ladder. As they appreciate what you do, you can offer more value that they will reasonably pay for.

A customer who understands the benefits of supplements, energizing before their workout or re-charging and replenishing with proteins and carbohydrates afterward, will appreciate the apple juice bar more.

The juice bar, in turn, provides an excellent venue for socialization and nurtures your circle of fitness. People who share the common experience of toiling for hours in the gym and being firm about maintaining a balanced diet every day can relish in their common ground. 

By encouraging a friendly environment and making things fun, you become people’s happy place. People look forward to meeting friends.

Be the Community Leader

Hang out in the juice bar and talk to people. Be generous in giving them tips and complementing their progress. Overdeliver! Make friends and find out how you can help them more.

Going to the gym ceases to be a chore. It becomes a therapy; a treat people look forward to. 

If your heart is in the community. You may even find life-long friends, and you grow a sense of fulfillment from helping people transform their lives.

Be Remembered for Something

Create a fun and easy overall gym experience so that people can associate your brand with positive emotions.

Examples of great positionings are:

Anytime Fitness

“Workout anytime and anywhere in all their branches all over the world. “


For busy people

Hard Core Gym

“Go all out or get out.”


For those who have fitness goals

Make sure everything looks put together. Display your brand colors and embed your logos.

A nice gym n juice bar, with your own branding, helps in customer retention. It’s perceived as a premium feature for your gym. 

Opening  a Juice Bar at the Gym with Drinkfit

The giants have joined forces. Smoothie King collaborates with Planet Fitness to promote fitness blends such as “Keto Champ” and “The Hulk.” Jamba is often seen at Anytime Fitness, emphasizing protein-packed options like “Protein Berry Workout” with Whey Protein and Acai Super-Antioxidants.

Creating your Smoothie Brand

More than just co-branding, Drinkfit offers you the option to establish your own brand and create your own positioning.

Meanwhile, Drinkfit prides itself on being the smoothie brand with the lowest sugar content. We are successful in three B2B aspects: Great Taste, Ease of Use, and Profitability.

Great Taste

Of course, the best way to prove this is to get in touch with us and request a free sample that we are happy to give to gym owners.

Drinkfit Smoothies retain the freshness and natural sweetness of fruits and blend them with delicious creamy goodness. 

Ease of Use

The core of our business is to make it as easy as possible for you to maintain an add-on income

We use purees so that you can offer real fruit goodness without chopping and shopping.

Our recipes are easy to follow, and our purees come with very friendly pumps. We also take care of branding and marketing. Moreover, blenders these days are very easy to clean.

Making a Drinkfit Smoothie is something your front desk can do alongside welcoming members.


Our business model features low capital, lean inventory levels, minimal labor, and 70% markup, depending on your pricing.

DrinkFit is a low-risk and profitable add-on business for gyms.

Success with Drinkfit

Across America, Drinkfit has partnered with brands to nurture the fitness mindset.

While you focus on modern gym design and creating and promoting signature fitness programs that transform lives, we are keen on crafting drinks from natural fruit with little sugar and making your side business profitable for you.

Choice Fitness

With seven clubs and 22 years in the industry, Choice Fitness welcomes people of all ages and wants to make working out less intimidating and more comfortable. They have a refreshing ambiance and a clean layout. More than that, they boast a massive selection of state-of-the-art equipment. They get to know their clients’ workout history, as well as their interests, whether it’s strength training, cardiovascular, or kickboxing. They make sure to customize a program that will ease the client in, make them feel comfortable, and enjoy their gym experience.

Choice fitness is the workout home of people with varying fitness levels.

Amenities like a juice bar, child care, saunas, and steam room enriches their gym experience.

New York Fitness Club

New York Fitness Club is a results-driven gym with three branches in Pennsylvania.

They have witnessed ordinary people walk in and make significant differences in their health and fitness. The founders Lonnie and Jeff are incredibly passionate about fitness, and they are channeling the same intensity in their business.

Lonnie and Jeff are very hands-on. They personally help customers work out whenever they can, constantly update their equipment, and provide an exciting variety that serves customized fitness programs. They also have a great digital app. Finally, they love chilling in the juice bar to get to know clients personally. 




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