What is a Smoothie? Discover the Joy of Juices and Smoothies

Romellaine Arsenio

September 10, 2021


The Art of Juicing

What is a smoothie? When you scroll your iPad for food delivery or when you giddily look at the mahogany Starbucks board, you’ll probably see different sections for juices, smoothies, slushies, and shakes. Then you ask yourself, how can I tell them apart?

It can be a bit confusing at times. But if humanity can come up with dozens of offerings combining coffee, milk, and sweeteners, then they can do a million things from all the fruits and vegetables in the world. The best thing is, almost all the time, these options are good and do wonders for the human body. 

The Joy of Juicing

Juice is liquid extracted from fruits and vegetables. Juice drinks are often diluted with water to produce a light refreshment that can be cooled and enjoyed with food. 

Orange juice is the most popular juice in the world and a breakfast favorite. It provides you with a burst of energy in the morning and tastes heavenly with bacon and eggs. Of course, real fruit juices are the way to go. Natural orange juice gives you a boost of Vitamin C, so you are protected all day. 

Apple, pineapple, and coco water are also very popular. Cranberry is among the healthiest fruit juices. It is rich in Vitamin C, Manganese, Vitamin K1, and Copper. It is a sought-after remedy for Urinary Tract infections. Moreover, citrus fruits make easy juices because they contain high amounts of water. 

Mankind’s love for juice and other beverages is as ancient as stone and bone tools. Traces of grape juice were found in antique clay jars that stretch back to 8000 BCE.

The Secret Juice 

Meanwhile, the first record of extracting juices for healing benefits was unearthed in the dead sea scrolls. Written by the early Jews and Hebrews, they were lost for a while, hidden in caves north of the dead sea. Upon rediscovery, they revealed a wealth of ancient secrets: dead languages, the Bible passages, and a juice recipe for profound strength and subtle form. The secret is mashing pomegranates and figs. 

In the centuries after, herbalists and health practitioners would grate, ground, and press fruits and vegetables to investigate their healing properties. This led to fresh discoveries and new drinks. 


First made in the Middle East, Lemonade was popularized in 16th-century Italy. Lemon decreases stress and boosts immunity. It promotes heart health and digestive health. It’s best served with honey and cucumber or ginger. 

The Cure

Meanwhile, in the 18th century, James Lind gained recognition for using citrus fruits to conquer scurvy, a killer disease caused by Vitamin C deficiency. Later, all ocean-bound British Ships are required to have citrus on board.

Finally, in the early 1990s, the first juice plan was created by Dr. Max Gerson. He was the pioneer in recognizing nutrition as part of the healing process for migraines, tuberculosis, and cancer. His therapy has three major components — diet, detoxification, and supplements. This activates the body’s natural ability to heal itself. 

Vegan SmoothiesWhat is a Smoothie?

When the juicing machine was invented in the 1930s, it became every woman’s best friend! It was a lot easier to squeeze out juices from oranges, melons, and lemonades.

Around the same time, blenders were also created. While juicers separate the juice from the pulp, blenders mix all edible parts of the fruit with crushed ice and milk to produce a thick, creamy texture. A new kind of drink was popularized: smoothies!

While juice drinks are typically as light as water and can be enjoyed as refreshment alongside food, smoothies come in richer and creamier textures. They make you feel fuller and can serve as a meal replacement. They are healthier since they contain nutrition in the flesh and peel of the fruit.

What is a smoothie? In a nutshell, a smoothie is made from pureed raw fruit or vegetables using a blender. It comes with a liquid base such as fruit juice or dairy products like milk, yogurt, ice cream, or cottage cheese. They may also feature non-dairy milk, honey, sugar, whey powder, chocolate, and nutritional supplements.

Vegan Options

The availability of non-dairy milk from grains, oats, almonds, coconuts, rice, and hazelnuts has made smoothies more desirable for more people, including lactose intolerants. This advancement has also landed smoothies in vegan or plant-based food menus.

Turning fruits and vegetables into a refreshing drink is an excellent way to snack while stocking up on fiber. Breakfast smoothies are easy to carry around and give you the energy you need before work.

Everyone loves smoothies. Children beg for them. Parents valued their health benefits. It’s amazing how challenging it is to make a kid finish his meal. Yet, they would gulp a smoothie to the last drop.

However, before blenders were invented in the west, some Asian and middle-eastern cultures made smoothies by manually mashing fruits. Like in Sharbat, a non-alcoholic beverage prepared during religious occasions such as Ramadan. The drink is made from rose petals, lemons, cane juice, and a combination of cherries, grapes, and plums. It’s refreshing, sweet-tasting, pleasant-smelling, and comes in a tantalizing red color.

Thankfully, blenders were invented. Now, we can prepare a smoothie in 60 seconds!

What is a Smoothie Puree?

The best way to make smoothies is through a real puree, a fruit or vegetable that has been pressed or blended until it reaches the consistency of a creamy paste or liquid.

A well-prepared puree preserves the natural goodness of fruits and vegetables. It is as nourishing as freshly picked produce, locking in vitamins, minerals, and helpful nutrients. It is loaded with antioxidants that boost the immune system and protects from cell damage.

Tasty smoothiesStrawberry VS Chocolate Banana

Our bestseller is the Strawberry Puree that turns into a delightful strawberry smoothie. You’ll love the rich strawberry taste and the yummy milk that blends perfectly with it. Try it, and you’ll agree with us.

DrinkFit fruit purees for smoothies also come in Wildberry, Pomegranate, Banana, Mango, and Pina Colada. You can enjoy them individually, combine flavors, compliment them with chocolate or peanut butter powders, blend them with fruits, or even sprinkle peanuts on top.

Chocolate Banana Smoothie is one of the best-selling flavor combinations. You can indulge in the yummy chocolatey taste that slides in your tongue because of banana’s creaminess and juiciness.

Drinkfit Fruit First Smoothie Mixes taste excellent and have locked in all the fantastic benefits of fruits. They’re perfect as a post-workout treat or meal replacement. They’re super low sugar and are naturally sweetened with Stevia. Kids love them!

You can get a Drinkfit smoothie from our partners or stock some purees at home for easy breakfast and weekend treats.


There is a sweet spot between the water-like juice and the thick and creamy smoothie for people who like fuller, chunkier fruit drinks without milk, cream, or protein. Behold, the slushie!

Basically, you can get a slushie when you blend a whole fruit or a fruit puree with ice. But slushies aren’t limited to real fruits. Artificial flavors can be frozen in ice cubes and blended to produce slushies, such as in 7-Eleven’s pink bubblegum flavored “Slurpee.”

While slushies started as a sister of fruit juices and smoothies, most slushies in the market today are made from frozen juice concentrate. That’s why they come in vivid colors like bright green and electric blue. You can also make slushies from sparkling water. At some point, Mountain Dew slushies and Blue Pepsi slushies became a trend. It’s basically teenagers playing with food. Oh, did we mention Smirnoff Slushies?

Milk Shake Brings Everyone to the Yard

A milkshake is a blend of milk and ice cream poured with strawberry or chocolate syrup, sprinkled with M&Ms and crushed Oreos, and topped with whipped cream. You can also use almond milk.

Simply called a shake, milkshakes were a pop culture phenomenon in the early 2000s, with high schoolers usually hanging out for a cup after class. It even has a theme song by Kelis.

These days, Soju and Melona shakes are hot because of the Korean wave.

Bonus: Tea, Milk Tea, and Bubble Tea

Once upon a time, strong winds blew the leaves of the trees and carried them into a boiling pot. And then boom, you’ve got tea!

This story may just be a legend, but the aromatic beverage soothes the nerves, renews the body, and recharges the spirit. Drinking tea regularly has numerous benefits. It’s good for the heart, and it reduces stress. It makes you calmer, stronger, and younger.

Green tea is perhaps the most popular tea. Thanks to the Queen of England and the tea culture. But it’s worth the hype! Green tea contains bioactive compounds. It burns fats and fights cancers. It also improves brain function.

Ginseng, on the other hand, is famous in East Asia. It lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Nowadays, millennials are enjoying tea time differently. By mixing green tea and milk, you get Milk Tea! Tapioca pearls are also being added to the drink to come up with “bubble tea.”

Most adults still don’t get it, but the younger generation is crazy about Milk Tea, which comes in a thousand variations. The most popular of which are Thai Milk Tea, Taro Milk Tea, and Okinawa Milk Tea.

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