Are you starting a smoothie business? Now that’s a great idea! You’re joining an industry that has been immensely growing since 2015. It’s projected to be in full throttle until 2026. The average investment is between 1,500 USD to 3,500 USD, and you are expected to break even in as early as 40 to 60 days. The revenue is two to three times the cost of materials, depending on your location. 

You can start a smoothie business from scratch, or you can complement an existing business such as a gym, rec center, or coffee shop.  The main requirement is genuine interest in healthy refreshments. 

Smoothie Equipment

The first step in embarking on a new venture is securing your equipment. The great news is, you can start small. For as low as 2,000 USD, you can get a fine quality three-basin sink, ice maker, and blender. That should keep you going.

Smoothie Essentials

What is a typical complete opening inventory? A good starting kit should contain a little bit of everything and a little more of the bestsellers. It should keep you stocked for a few weeks, anticipating a great first week.

Drinkfit’s starter pack includes Fruit First Smoothie Mixes such as Banana, Strawberry, Wild Berry, Pina Colada, Mango, and Pomegranate. It also features Chocolate and Peanut Butter Pumpable Smoothie Mixes and Powdered Smoothie Mixes in Whey Protein, Mocha, and Creamer.

Smoothie Boosts for energy, fat burn, vitamin, glutamine, and fiber are also included, as well as 1,200 counts of straw and 1000 counts each of lid, 16-ounce cups, and 24-ounce cups.

All this costs less than 1,500 USD.

Are you a gym, rec center, or coffee shop?

If you are a gym, rec center, or coffee shop, Drinkfit is very interested in partnering with you and is happy to provide a free installation kit that packs all your smoothie juice bar essentials such as:




  • One powder bin label set
  • 500 punch cards
  • 100 99cent coupons
  • 100 free coupons
  • 100 BOGO coupons
  • 100 handout brochure menus
  • One holder for handout brochure menus
  • One holder for punch cards
  • One can opener for peanut butter
  • One stir spoon for peanut butter
  • One serving tray for samples
  • Nutrition manual
  • Custom Marketing Materials

Nonetheless, our best gift to everyone who wants to carry Drinkfit is our recipes for healthy and delicious smoothies that keep people coming back. 

Business Plan for Starting a Smoothie Business

Many businesses spend months and thousands of dollars coming up with a good business plan. It is a document that contains the nature of the company as well as industry trends, market demographics, profitability ratios, and the marketing plan. It answers the question: “How much will the business earn?”

However, if you’re interested in a rewarding and steady smoothie business, partnering with an established company can make things easier for you. You don’t have to do all the work. Drinkfit can provide you with a wealth of marketing and profitability studies, as well as all the essential marketing and operational materials so that you can start the business in a couple of weeks. 


Both children and adults love smoothies, making it easy for a smoothie bar to gain attention. 

Drinkfit is currently looking to partner with gyms, coffee shops, and rec centers because our current partnerships with these businesses are highly successful.

Nonetheless, generally speaking, juice bars do well in various locations, such as relaxed places like universities, frozen yogurt and ice cream shops, tanning clinics, nutrition shops, and co-working spaces. 

Site Selection Tips for Starting a Smoothie Business

Non-competition Agreement

It’s best if you are the only one selling smoothies in the building. If possible, sign a non-competition clause with the building management before starting your smoothie business. 

Conduct a Market Development Study

If you are thinking of getting a location, observe the foot traffic during different hours of the day, as well as on weekends and weekdays. Take note of the time people go to the gym or the time people take a break from their offices.

Ask around to know business trends all throughout the year. Schools, for instance, take a break during the summer. So, nearby businesses have three months of low activity.

Also, observe the dominant population. Gym goers, children, young professionals, office workers, real estate brokers, start-up entrepreneurs, Millennials, Gen-Z, and networking professionals, are more likely to visit for refreshments. 

Local Licenses

You don’t need many papers in starting a smoothie business. A local health department permit will do for most.


The best branding tip that we can give to those starting a smoothie business? Stay true to smoothie healthfulness.

Everyone loves a smoothie. It feels good to be invited to slow down, have a drink, and enjoy laid-back conversations, especially after hours at the gym or a day at work. A cup of smoothie is a reward. It’s also a great drink while you’re socializing. And it makes conversations sweeter.

Juice Bar Concepts

There’s a lot of flexibility in branding a smoothie. You can be laid-back, modern, minimalist, or fun.

Laid-back concepts encourage slowing down and taking pleasure in doing nothing. They take us away from the hustle around. They lure our senses to enjoy the coolness and yumminess of the smoothie. We begin to appreciate the laughter in the conversations around us. 

Most coffee shops go for the laid-back concept. Serif fonts such as Baskerville and Georgia match this concept. It goes well with elements of wood and colors such as brown, gray, and black. Caribou has a very relaxed vibe.

Seattle’s Best, on the other hand, has a more modern vibe that relates well to millennials. They balance laid-back colors such as brown with a pop of red for a bit of excitement. They use San Serifs across their signages and menus. The coffee shop positions its coffee as smooth and robust while keeping the fun with seasonal flavors. 

Modern concepts match most gyms and smoothie bars. It attracts yuppies who love both.

Minimalist juice bars are effortless to set up. Smoothies come in vibrant colors, so they pop up nicely against a white background. Plus, a light atmosphere makes people relax as they enjoy their refreshments. Rec Centers either go for laid-back or fun concepts.

Many smoothie bars go by the fun concept. Jamba Juice uses a delightful combination of tropical colors, dark green and bright yellow, often accented by coral shake colors. They use sans serifs on their regular text, but their headings are in a fun handwritten display font.

Co-Branding with Drinkfit

Branding is essential to increase your perceived value. A recognized name is likely to attract customers, even if the store is new in the area. It also encourages trust and following. 

However, it takes time to establish a brand and create recall. It’s also expensive and time-consuming to stage market research and develop a brand kit that will contain text and visuals that relate to the market and product best. The process often requires several professionals, from marketing consultants to visual artists.

When starting a smoothie business, a practical option will be to co-brand with an established smoothie bar like Drinkfit.

Co-branding involves utilizing multiple brand names as part of a strategic alliance. The most famous co-branding in the world right now is McDonald’s BTS meals, which upped the sales of chicken nuggets by 1000%. Meanwhile, Travis Scott’s 6 USD Meals caused a shortage of quarter pounders. 

In co-branding, two brands contribute their strengths to increase the perceived value of the product.

When you partner with Drinkfit, we will be happy to provide you the essential Smoothie Juice Bar Marketing Materials. 

You can choose how much of Drinkfit to showcase, as you also introduce your own brand. This way, your customers are assured that you are serving fresh and quality food. They will also get to know you.

Best Strategies for Starting a Smoothie Business

A smoothie business is a profitable supplement to an existing venture. It is easy to set up and convenient to maintain. And you can usually break even in 40 days.

Keep your area clean and organized. Maintain a relaxing and inviting vibe.

Be on top of things. Make sure customers are served nicely and promptly. Engage with your patrons. Keep them happy, so they bring their friends. Remember, people come in for drinks. They come back to relax and socialize. 

Create a memorable experience for the five senses.

Pay attention to music. Play something enjoyable for everyone. See to it that your place looks pleasing and smells fresh always. 

Keep your product consistent. Stick to the suggested servings. Bring out your smoothie at its ideal temperature. You have one job, which is to craft a great drink.

Train your staff well and keep them happy and well-rewarded, so they extend the same positivity to your customers.

Be on top of your inventory—stock up on your bestsellers. Anticipate events that will bring in more people and be ready.