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15 Cafe and Smoothie Shop Ideas + Recipes from Around the World

Coffee and smoothies — they go beyond quenching our thirst. They represent a city or country's culture of pleasure and socialization and the abundant natural resources they have around.

How to Make Smoothie More Filling + 3 Amazing Recipes

When do you like to enjoy your smoothie? If you're taking smoothies in the morning, I'm guessing you'll want them to fuel you until lunchtime. But sometimes, as early as 10 am, you find yourself craving a full meal or some chips.

2023-08-21T13:50:53+08:00November 2nd, 2021|Smoothies, Flavors & Recipes|0 Comments

What to Put In Your Smoothie? Top 50 Smoothie and Juice Bar Ingredients

What to put in your smoothie? I bet you have your favorite chocolate or strawberry smoothie. But if you're having smoothies every day for your health and fitness, you can run out of ideas.

2023-08-16T16:32:41+08:00October 4th, 2021|Smoothies, Flavors & Recipes|1 Comment

How to Build a Smoothie in One Minute with Drinkfit

I'm Cassandra, and I'm always trying to figure out how to make a delectable smoothie. Freezing half a fruit or a cube of puree makes smoothies thicker. I keep bananas in the freezer all the time because they blend well with berries and almost every other fruit.

2023-07-12T10:11:36+08:00September 26th, 2021|Smoothies, Flavors & Recipes|0 Comments

What is a Smoothie? Discover the Joy of Juices and Smoothies

What is a smoothie? When you scroll your iPad for food delivery or when you giddily look at the mahogany Starbucks board, you'll probably see different sections for juices, smoothies, slushies, and shakes. Then you ask yourself, how can I tell them apart?

2023-10-16T16:25:09+08:00September 10th, 2021|Smoothies|0 Comments

Eat Like an Olympian: Good Vibes, Juice Bar Recipes at Tokyo 2020

The feeling of watching the Olympics is one of the best feelings in the world. It is a rare opportunity to celebrate and be amazed at what humans can do at their best. Tokyo 2020 is perhaps the most meaningful event this millennium.

2023-08-03T16:56:37+08:00September 10th, 2021|News & Announcements|0 Comments

Achieve Fitness Goals With DrinkFit Smoothies

The future of fitness is more than just helping people lose a few pounds. It is engaging people into a more wholesome lifestyle and producing results!. You can supervise people's workout routine for an hour a day. But for them to achieve their body goals, you need to encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle in the remaining 23 hours. This includes nutrition, hydration, and sleep. Produce results through nutrition with Drinkfit Fitness Center Smoothie Bar.